Batman, Superman and Paul McCartney

DC Comics: Batman and Superman: World’s Finest no. 10. Artist: Dan Mora. © D.C. Comics

Hey, here’s another tie-in of two of my hobbies! Faithful readers of The Daily Beatle are familiar with our quest for Superman’s ties with the Beatles, from the spread of Superman comics on top of Pauls organ in the «Help!» film, to Lennon posing in a Superman shirt for a book cover, through Beatles director moving on to directing Superman movies to Dhan Harrison being roommates with Christopher «Superman» Reeves’ son in college.

And here’s the latest tie-in: No. 10 in the current «Batman and Superman: World’s Finest» comic book comes in five different cover variations, one of which is guest-starring none other than comic buff Paul McCartney, duetting with Superman on «Wonderful Christmastime».

The other variants of the comic book’s front cover. © D.C. Comics


Can someone in the USA send me a copy? Postage and tax is murder from the dealers.

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