McCartney III rumours update


Beatles Unlimited used to be a Dutch fanzine who had two editions of every issue, one in Dutch and one in English. We used to subscribe to their English one. Nowadays they are no longer in print, but still on Twitter and their online news service, Beatles World. A recent Tweet from them was this one:

The tweet was also reprised on the Facebook page of the McCartney Legacy authors Adrian Sinclair and Allan Kozinn. So it seems we are to expect official word shortly, as Christmas is coming up.

UPDATE: Seems we got the lineage mixed up, it was in fact the other way round, Beatles Unlimited just repeated the McCartney Legacy Facebook post.

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  1. Shad Radna says:

    There’s a blank page at the mccartneyiii web address now. The last time I checked, nothing was returned.

  2. McCartney Legacy says:

    FYI. This story did not originate with Beatles Unlimited, but with McCartney Legacy on Facebook. You might want to amend your article to reflect this.

  3. Brian from Canada says:

    Actually, the story appeared on the Steve Hoffman forums — which is where those images first appeared.

  4. Mr Marks says:

    No, actually, Mr Kozzin is using the rumour to create traffic to his facebook page promoting his latest project, a book (first of two, apparently) on Mcartney. Which is fair enough, however, don’t pin your hopes too high, this is an unsubstantiated rumour that has been blown out of proportion. There will not be a Mcartney III this December anymore that there was one in December 1990, or for that matter 2000 o 2010. Sorry guys.

    • wardo68 says:

      Yet if you play any song from McCartney or McCartney II on the Spotify app, an image of a hand rolling a die appears, ending up on 3.
      So something is afoot from MPL. And I will gladly purchase Mr. Kozinn’s book.

  5. Shad Radna says:

    There’s an incomplete outline webpage returned by the mccartneyiii address now, along the lines of the Flaming Pie page, with links to two standard umusic pages at the bottom and references to Capitol Records in the code.

  6. Brian from Canada says:

    More importantly, Spotify is putting a dice with “3” on tracks from McCartney and McCartney II, while the website is returning a 303 error (with a die as the page’s icon). That’s too much of a coincidence to not think something is up at MPL.

  7. Mr Marks says:

    Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! This is starting to sound like the “Paul is dead” thing. Soon somebody will be reporting hearing secret backward messages in Temporary secretary revealing the year, month, day and precise hour of the release of McCartney III. As much as we all want it to happen, as George said when the asked him about his appreciation of the classics: “it’s just a rumour”.

  8. Shad Radna says:

    Mr Marks, the web address is apparently owned by the company that owns the recent official Flaming Pie web address. The website includes an image of a die that has rolled a 3. This same image is now appearing on the songs from McCartney and McCartney II on Spotify. While 303 is a valid http error, it would be unusual for a site to go live with such an error on its main page. It’s certainly possible that someone is playing with us, but if they are, it’s someone inside the official McCartney organisation. Whatever the “clues” are pointing to, the existence of the clues is not a rumour.

    • Mr Marks says:

      Oh dear, oh dear. It looks like I am going to have to eat my words. But I will, gladly. I can wait!!
      Sorry Mr Kozzin, I listen to you regularly and I was going to buy your book anyways.
      Iḿ SO happy this is actually happening!!

  9. Tom L. Jones says:

    Capitol USA has pretty much confirmed it. They sent a small, unsolicited teaser to fans here, presumably those of us who purchased recent “deluxe” releases through The teaser is quite cool, but I’ll let other folks be surprised by it.

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