John, Paul, George, Pete…and Ringo!

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  1. Corwin Booth says:

    Curious why Lewisohn gave the photos different dates

  2. jack says:

    Obviously an incorrect statement in the story. Ringo was not in the photo with “all” previous members of the Beatles before him. Stu was still alive and not in the photo.

  3. RobH says:

    The posters that are visible in the 1st picture (8th), aren’t visible in the second (15th) would they have removed them before the events happened? Why assume Ringo had to be on the same bill, he could have been there just to see or hang out with the other bands.

  4. Jason Paris says:

    If I remember rightly, the first photo was published in 1996, in Lewisohn’s ‘The Complete Beatles Chronicle’, with a caption that stated (or implied) that the photo showed John, Paul, George, Pete and Ringo.

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