McCartney III track list

CD edition with green die on the cover, exclusively for Target (USA) and JB HiFi (Australia) and who knows where else.

The full track list for McCartney III is now public, courtesy of Amazon. It wasn’t supposed to be announced until next week, but here it is. Amazon has since removed the listing, but once the cat’s out of the bag…

McCartney III

  1. Long Tailed Winter Bird
  2. Find My Way
  3. Pretty Boys
  4. Women and Wives
  5. Lavatory Lil’
  6. Slidin’
  7. Deep Deep Feeling
  8. The Kiss of Venus
  9. Seize the Day
  10. Deep Down
  11. Winter Bird/When Winter Comes

So, its just 11 tracks, but perhaps there will be a DeLuxe edition with more songs after a while, judging by Paul’s release policy in recent years.

Meanwhile, another review has been posted, this time online. Gwen Ihnat has had a listen, and her review, titled “With McCartney III, Paul McCartney offers lessons from a legendary life” is posted at Not too impressed, Ihnat writes that “a few of the new album’s tracks embody that was-probably-more-fun-to-play-than-it-is-to-listen-to quality, like the meandering, repetitive, and oddly similar “Deep Down” (nearly six minutes long) and “Deep Deep Feeling” (which features eight minutes of un-engaging relationship rambling, with an especially cruel fake ending around the seven-minute mark).”

Well, we guess that was only to expect, the two earlier self-titled “McCartney” albums were both rather mixed bags. Meanwhile, there are reports that the as yet unreleased strictly limited yellow vinyl edition (333 copies only) has changed hands over at ebay for rather astronomical figures before anybody has seen it. The new album is due out 11. December, a date which was previously reserved for the postponed 50th anniversary edition “Plastic Ono Band” album. So just like Paul got his way with the first “McCartney” album back in 1970, his release comes first.

Paul is also featured and cover boy in a new issue of the British magazine, Uncut.

In the January 2021 issue of Uncut, there’s a phone call from Macca and a McCartney scrapbook.

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  1. Roger Ricoy says:

    And it’s almost 45 minutes long. Fine length for an album.
    November 13th we’ll have a single.

  2. rick says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many versions of the record.

  3. Michael F. says:

    I love M/3 most especially tracks 2,3,7,8,10 and 11.A bit mellow but melodic.Nice album cover.Yes! I bought the CD. LOVE it so much.

    Mike F.

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