More marketing tricks for McCartney III

After having announced lots of coloured vinyl variations of the upcoming album McCartney III, Paul’s website now has 4 different McCartney III merchandise CD box sets per colour, for a total of 16 sets. The CD’s in each colour set all contain a bonus «secret» demo track each, encouraging completeists to shell out for the four variations.

These are 4 merchandise box sets per colour, white, red, yellow & blue. Each color set comes with the color-corresponding CD that includes a «unique secret bonus demo track» plus: one with a T-shirt, one with a hat, one with the dice & bag and one with a mask.

So, with 4 colours each having 4 different extras, it brings the total to 16 box sets (and a total of 4 new demo tracks)

“Each colour CD contains a unique secret bonus demo track – collect them all to complete the series”

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  1. David William Cox says:

    Out of order. I guess I will have to wait for a bootleg cd to get the 4 tracks.


  2. Mr Marks says:

    Well, Mr McCartney, with all due respect, I’m sure you’ll make a lot of dosh for your great grandchildren, but you are alienating your core fans with this nonsense, and I’m not talking about collectors, I’m talking about good honest down to earth life long followers like me who have stopped buying your albums because they can’t buy seven different copies of each one. When Egypt Station came out, I gave it a miss and waited for a definitive set with all of the tracks. I am not entirely sure if it is safe to buy it yet or there are going to be more surprises, so I am still streaming and doubt I will ever buy it until it’s rereleased on the archive collection, if I am still around, that is. Just stop the nonsense, man, and give us good value for money like you used to do. You know what? It feels like, after all, the baddie of Give my regards, did end up controlling mpl.

    • Will Bates says:

      Spot on!

      • Joel Peckham says:

        I think you are “safe” to buy it. C’mon man, no-one HAS to buy anything these days. You can get it all on spotify or can buy the main release and pick up bonus tracks as they appear. This stuff is just for collectors. So many things to get angry about these days. This really shouldn’t be on the list.

        • Mr Marks says:

          I ain’t getting angry lad. I just wish things were sweet and simple as they used to be. You go the shop on launching day (I have been known to be there before they even opened), you buy your album with all the tracks and you play it to your heart’s content. No bonus tracks, secret demos, hidden b*****, or idiotic different colours nonsense. I’m talking VALUE FOR MONEY, which the Beatles gave you always in spades. The greatest singer-songwriter of his generation doesn’t need these silly gimmicks.
          Other than that, I’m static to have another McCartney album so quickly, McCartney III, no less.

  3. Shad Radna says:

    In the UK version of the store (“shopuk” instead of “shop”) all four options are described as “McCartney III – White Box Sets”, although they all go to the page for the correct colour. But the options are different to the US. If I go to the red page, say, I can buy a bundle with a t-shirt, hat, dice, mask, and CD; or I can buy any of those items individually.

    If the CD is bought separately it comes in a “softpak”; in the bundle it comes in a “mini-jacket”. The latter appears to be the $7.99 version from the US site, which isn’t available separately on the UK site. Some people are assuming that that is a one-track CD, although the only difference in the wording that I can see between the descriptions of the two CDs is the softpak/mini-jacket thing.

  4. denispiggott says:

    This is beyond a joke. I refuse to shell out so much just to get 4 demo tracks, and fill up my study with yet more McCartney junk.

  5. David Fisher says:

    I’m a bit confused – demo tracks? The whole album is a home recorded collection of posh demos surely? This is an appalling wheeze on behalf of team Macca to trouser more money from completist fans like me at a time when my income (as a musician incidentally) has been slashed to practically zero by the virus. It’s as if they are trying to kill off physical product by engineering absurd marketing techniques. I have pre-ordered the vinyl (one colour!) and am waiting for the third or fourth release variant in a sale later next year when they put all the extra tracks on a 3 CD book size set maybe with a DVD for the same price as the original release. It’s rather spoiling my undoubted excitement about another new album.

  6. Shakespeare says:

    A fellow who alledgedly wants to save our planet is spewing out a vast number of physical objects hoping we’ll dig in and buy.muliple issues.
    Please allow me to quote myself:
    “Honesty is the best policy. If I lose mine honor I lose myself.”
    Macca’s off his trolley here.

  7. Imagine what John would think….

  8. Juan says:

    I mean, at the end of the day everyone can take the decision to buy it or not. Who knows? Since he didn’t get to tour this year he’s trying to make up for it for all the people that might be employed by him and on his payroll.

  9. Edward Russell says:

    Absolute nonsense. The Beatles used to pride themselves on giving value for money . So now we have this nonsense. Has McCartney had a blow to his head? No , just a dose of greed

  10. Rob says:

    Pass. This shakedown by Macca has been going on for years. Color vinyl, black vinyl, boxed sets, CDs, more CDs, cassettes… It’s obscene and wholly abusive of his most loyal, ardent fans. There’s no justification for it other than unbridled greed. All you need is cash, indeed.

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