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Today is the debut of “McCartney III Imagined” on streaming and downloads – the physical records is not to be released until July. These days, Paul is busy promoting, and has uploaded the songs to his YouTube channel (click here). We have been listening and in our opinion this has become a nice and varied album! Here’s the Spotify edition:

In addition, Paul has started a series of direct chats live on Instagram, conversations with some of the artists who are album contributors. Some have been saving these and uploaded them to video sites like YouTube, but Paul has not published them himself, for the time being. In the first seance Paul says that he and Ringo is about to go and attend a screening of Peter Jackson’s “Get Back” film, and he is also going to a screening of his own production, “High In The Clouds”.

Ed O’Brian from Radiohead has uploaded this episode:

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  1. MK says:

    Strange scheduling but not as strange as the atrocious cover which surely whacks out of the park all the atrocious covers that EMI came up with before Apple got control of the catalogue.

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