Unearthed tape from McGear sessions

Wings, with new guitarist Jimmy McCulloch backed Paul McCartney’s brother Mike  an album recorded in the 10CC home base, Strawberry studio in 1974. In a new podcast, an unknown tape from these sessions by Paul McCartney is explored.

Labelled “Paul McCartney effects tape”, this was recorded in 1974 for his brother Mike’s excellent ‘McGear’ album, and simultaneously with 10cc’s ‘Sheet Music’. So they baked it and gave it a spin! The biggest surprise on the tape was a jingle for a radio station in Manchester called Piccadilly.

Link: The Consequences Podcast

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  1. Andrew says:

    Great podcast! Will be interesting to hear what else Mike remembers from these recordings.

  2. Thank you both! We’re so looking forward to chatting with Mike.

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