A Lennon in Liverpool

Sean Ono Lennon will open The Tung Auditorium on Friday (Image: Liverpool University)

Sean Ono Lennon has been in Liverpool for a few days, to unveil a university performance centre named in honour of his mother, Yoko Ono.

Sean Ono Lennon will open Liverpool University’s new “world class” culture centre, named after his mother Yoko Ono Lennon. Found on the corner of Grove Street and Oxford Street, the Yoko Ono Lennon Centre will house teaching facilities and will be the home of the Tung Auditorium – the University ‘s state-of-the-art concert hall. It will open on Friday with an evening gala concert held in honour of Yoko Ono Lennon.

Yoko Ono Lennon said: “I am thrilled to be recognised with the naming of the new performance centre at the University of Liverpool. Thank you to the University and to the people of Liverpool for this wonderful honour.

“Liverpool has become part of me from years of going there, and with this new centre part of me will always be there – for that I’m very thankful. I think John is smiling about it too. I’m also very thankful that our son, Sean is there in Liverpool for the celebrations around the opening.”

Meanwhile, Beatles fans on a pilgrimage to London and Liverpool had a pleasant surprise when they were in town.

Itzik Biton from Israel: “We went on a Beatles fan trip to London and Liverpool and we met this guy while walking down Mathew street”. (Image via Tsuf Plotkin)

Sean had a funny tweet:

You can read more about Sean’s visit to the uni at the Arrive Without Travelling blog.

Edward Rhodes has sent us a few photos from the Yoko Ono Centre plaque unveiling:

3 Responses

  1. James Peet says:

    I’d love if Sean was able to spend more time in Liverpool on a private basis and not a selfie op. I suppose that it’s not feasible, with his mother being quite frail and requiring care. Sean is a credit to his parents. Yoko did an excellent job in raising him in such awful circumstances. He’s a credit to himself too.

  2. Richard says:

    I’ve be a Beatles fan since I was 4 year’s old and I am so happy to see the Sean Ono Lennon opening of the Yoko Ono Lennon center .I wish you all the best.

  3. glamdolly20 says:

    Great to see Sean Ono Lennon in Liverpool, where 50% of his genes and heritage originated. It’s heartbreaking he was denied his remarkable father from the age of five. It must be a surreal, heartwarming and at times angering experience, to have so many strangers feel they know your own parent better than you do – and have a claim on him. But John Lennon is and forever will be his father, no one can ever take that from him. And how proud John no doubt is, of the decent men both his sons have become. He chose their mothers wisely. Julian closely resembles his dad in looks and singing voice, and Sean’s 50/50 resemblance to both John and Yoko is uncanny. God bless you John, you live on through your music, your powerful wit, wisdom, charisma and vision, and of course your children.

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