Australian podcast with Paul

As part of the publicity for the tour McCartney granted a lengthy interview to the Aussie podcast “Behind The Hits”, hosted by Dave Gleeson. In it he speaks about the Australian tour plus a whole lot more.

The most successful songwriter of all time goes one-on-one with Dave Gleeson in a special Behind The Hits. Ahead of his exciting return to Australia in October and November, Sir Paul McCartney takes us into the mayhem the Beatles experienced in the 60s, gives us insights into the Get Back documentary and explains how he’s singing with John Lennon once again.

3 Responses

  1. Don BALFOUR says:

    Great interview.

  2. Blakey says:

    Great to see him about. But I’d like to know why the Get Back DVD was such a cock up. Available on Region 1 only in the UK (for God’s sake!) and no extras or booklet in it whatsoever. Disney may make you money, but they are no good for your soul or your legacy.

  3. Tim Wilson says:

    Amazin how this guy keeps at it. He is committed and positive and at 81, showing amazing snap.
    I am hoping for a “Get Back” director’s cut with the unused footage that Peter Jackson wanted to include in the original release. I am afraid that by the time that happens (f it does) I will be so old and not lucid enough to enjoy it :).

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