Beatles concert available and second recording discovered

The Beatles on stage at the theatre in Stowe School, April 4, 1963.In a new episode of the BBC radio program “Front Row”, presenter Samira takes us to the British Library, where the tape recording of the Beatles concert at Stowe School was transferred digitally to the library’s sound archive. The recording is saved as is, without any attempt to edit or improve the sound. A digital copy will be available for the library’s listening room, where anyone can visit and listen to the concert recording. One has to register in advance, and the recording must be listened to on site.

Another recording of the Beatles from the same day has also come to light.

At the dinner table

The father of two girls, Maggie and Jan (12 and 15 years old at the time) who were at the concert, had hidden a microphone in a flower pot and recorded the conversation that took place during the dinner the Beatles had that day. It was his wife who had prepared a roast chicken dinner for the quartet, and as thanks for this the girls were allowed to be spectators during the concert, as the only girls.
The girls took part in the Front Row episode, and brought the tape recording of the dinner conversation with them. It was mostly John and Paul who chatted, as George had a cold and was resting his vocal cords. Amongst other subjects, John talked about playing in Hamburg.

No information is given in the program about the further fate of this recording.

The attendants at the dinner party, including Maggie and Jan.

Beatles expert Mark Lewisohn said that this reminded him of when “Let It Be” director Michael Lindsay-Hogg recorded the lunchtime conversation between John and Paul in January 1969. It was also secretly recorded in the same fashion, through a hidden microphone in a flower pot.

British Library’s information about the concert recording.

Source: BBC Sounds: Front Row

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    […] school concert from Stowe which was discovered earlier this year, was handed over to the British Library where you can listen to the recording from a computer. But now someone seems to have managed to […]

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