Book from George Martin’s eldest son

George Martin’s eldest son, Gregory Paul Martin, has written an autobiography, with the George Harrison title “Isn’t It A Pity”. In his upcoming book – written for his dad, according to the legend on the cover – the super-religious and astrologically inclined Martin seems intent on bringing forth some controversial views. At least if we are to believe some of the teasers he shares through his Facebook account:

“Time and again my father swore he was done, that he would never work with Paul again, time and again going back on his word — because they were friends and lovers — the last time driving down to Macca’s Sussex farm for a fascinating confrontation. If you want to know what transpired between them that day, buy my memoir.”

“The seven deadly sins, also called the seven capital sins or seven cardinal sins in Roman Catholic theology are the seven vices that spur other sins and further immoral behaviour. The first is Superbia, vainglory, or pride, and that is the force that has our world in a vice like grip, no one more guilty of it than Sir James Paul McCartney. I love Paul. The world would be a much darker place without his incredible music. But a little humility from him would not come amiss. As Phil Collins once famously said in an interview with The Times of London, “McCartney was one of my heroes, but he has this thing when he’s talking to you where he takes the attitude ‘I know this must be hard for you, because I’m a Beatle. I’m Paul McCartney and it must be very hard for you to actually be holding a conversation with me.’” Tut tut.”

“One of the many reasons God put me on the earth was to speak the truth and set the record straight for those who cannot do it for themselves. John Lennon died a very unhappy man, for the latter part of his life stuck in a relationship that was a hollow sham, unable to free himself from its clutches. To those of you who refuse to believe this I say you can’t handle the truth.”

Martin is hosting a webinar this Sunday, with John Lennon’s former girlfriend May Pang and George Martin biographer Ken Womack as guests. The webinar is about the astrology of The Beatles wives and children — ‘Friends and Lovers’. Martin writes that “May was the only woman John ever truly loved, and it’s an honour to have her join me.”

Gregory Paul Martin with his dad, Sir George.

“The opening tease of my memoir Isn’t It A Pity describes what happened the day I sat down with John Lennon and George Harrison in the cafeteria at Abbey Road Studios in the Spring of 1966 during the recording of John’s track I’m Only Sleeping to read their astrology charts. The first thing I said to John was that it was clear from his chart he had lost a woman very close to him when he was fifteen. I had no idea that on 15 July 1958, his mother Julia had been struck down and killed by a car driven by an off-duty policeman, close to her sister’s house at 251 Menlove Avenue.”

“Shocking truth bombs about the reality of John and Yoko’s relationship at this coming Sunday’s astrology webinar ‘Friends and Lovers’ on the stars of The Beatles wives, lovers and children — Sunday September 27, noon Eastern, 9 am Pacific. Be there or be square. Me speaka da truth. Imagine came on as I wrote this. There ARE no coincidences. John wants the truth finally out as much as I do. I know. He speaks to me all the time.”

“John hated recording as much as he hated the sound of his own voice. Paul loves it as much as he adores the sound of his. As Macca wrote in his love song to John, ‘Here Today’, “Knowing you, you’d probably laugh and say that we were worlds apart.” They were.”

Attending the webinar will cost $150 per person, and if you want to join, Martin asks you to direct message his wife Chérie Rose Martin through Facebook messenger. There will be a Q&A with Martin and his guests May Pang and Ken Womack at the end.

Gregory Paul Martin (born 21 January 1957) is a British writer/producer and actor of stage, film and television. He lives in Hollywood, California and is the eldest son of Beatles producer Sir George Martin and the half-brother of the music producer Giles Martin. His book is slated for publication in the Spring/Summer of 2021.

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  1. nick spencer says:

    Well, he sounds fun…

    • James Peet says:

      Doesn’t he just! Someone fortunate to be born with George Martin as his father, he seems to be a hustler, trying to give us some dirt to rub into our own opinions.

  2. Patrick (Patsounds) says:

    Cannot imagine people are interested in this…

  3. Dr Rudi says:

    Very happy to buy the book, but I won’t be parting with US $150 for the webinar.

  4. William Campbell says:

    Another religious wacko who thinks morals and ethics don’t apply to him.

  5. Prudence says:

    Hard pass

  6. William Shears says:

    Is the title really misspelled too on the cover??

  7. Nick Lucas says:

    Looks like the title is Isn’t It Pity (No “A”) which makes sense since the author seems to be missing something too – namely good sense. You lost me at super religious and astrologically inclined. I’m sure May Pang may believe she was the love of John’s life but I didn’t see one pair of handcuffs in the many images of John with Yoko. I suppose I can understand her contributions to this debacle because she has chosen to define herself by the short time she was with John. As for dear Gregory, living in his father’s shadow and witnessing his younger brother’s success has taken it’s toll on his mind. This whole thing makes me sick.

  8. Ken says:

    “I sat down with John Lennon and George Harrison in the cafeteria at Abbey Road Studios in the Spring of 1966 during the recording of John’s track I’m Only Sleeping to read their astrology charts.” Young Martin was 8 or 9 at the time, if he were born in 1957. An 8 year old doing astrology charts?

  9. nick spencer says:

    And another thing; the screenshot above has the book title as “Isn’t It Pity” ??!!

  10. absinthe says:

    Astrology charts. Hahahaha.

  11. Mr Marks says:

    Anybody interested in this rubbish would surely love the latest episode of I am the eggpod, in which another loony talks with the spirit of Lennon as he sits in a cloud sipping a cuppa.

  12. Chrissie says:

    Please tell me that Gregory Martin is trolling, ’cause this is too much x)

  13. Well he seems to be bad at math and if John lost his mother at age 15 that would have been 1955 not 1958.

  14. Albert says:

    John was 17 when he lost his mother. And if this wacko is putting this crap out, I hope Yoko sues the bollocks off him. God knows what Giles thinks of all this.

  15. Tez says:

    Funny how he claims to have done astrology readings (at nine years old?!) for the two dead Beatles and not the two that are still alive. How convenient, I have never heard such crap in all my life. And if John could speak from beyond the grave, why the hell would he want to talk to this plank? And if he hated Yoko so much, why were his last works like Starting Over, Borrowed Time and Woman heartfelt tributes to her? This will be the worst Lennon related book since Goldman’s crock of turd. I bet Martin’s own family don’t even want to talk to him. The man is a clown.

  16. zappaf78 says:

    Surely someone would want to hear his answer if he believes the Paul is Dead conspiracy… ah 2020. Oof!

  17. Norman says:

    So, he did astrology readings at the age of eight for John and George who are no longer with us? So they obviously can’t dispute this twaddle, talk about convenient. This nonsense is as bad as Jake Weber’s story that he rolled joints for the Rolling Stones when he was four years old. It’s sad that May Pang is getting involved with this cash in cuckooland garbage.

  18. Terry says:

    What an embarrassment to the much loved and much respected George Martin.

  19. sertaneja says:

    I am not American or English. I speak Portuguese. So maybe I got it wrong. But did he say Paul and George Martin were…lovers? Friends and Lovers? Does lover has a different meaning besides the one I am thinking of?

    • David Harvey says:

      That’s not true, Virginia. Both Paul and George Martin were or are heterosexual, since they both married women.
      I myself am suspicious of this claptrap that Gregory has written and let’s hope that he gets sued for libel by Yoko and Olivia.

      • sertaneja says:

        That is not what I asked. I asked if there is any other meaning for lovers. Because Martin’s son really said they were friends and lovers. That is what he said.

  20. rick says:

    I believe that about Paul but I think that John truly did love Yoko. I think that May was just a “lost weekend” fling.

    • sertaneja says:

      Maybe. Somehow I have some doubts about that love. Not similarity to love. Seemed more like a subservience as if he was a kind of slave. No loving energy around them. But of course it is only what I feel and I can be totally equivocated.

      • David Harvey says:

        John really did love Yoko and he did say that the only person to control him was himself.
        Nobody forced him to divorce Cynthia and go off with Yoko.

        • sertaneja says:

          As we never could read John’s mind and feelings we can’t be sure if he really loved her. You think he did. But you can’t be sure. And I can see you don’t have real information about them. John let clear more than once Yoko was on control. Once he informed he was going to travel alone since Yoko had allowed him to do so. In fact he went to Bermudas without her and he also went to Cape Town. Another time a friend of his said John called him to show something inside a box while recording Double Fantasy. It was a bar or chocolate. And he asked him not to tell Yoko he was eating chocolate. So,…obviously, Yoko was on control. If he said the opposite that was because…she was on control and had to say that to please her.
          He didn’t divorce Cynthia and went off with Yoko. He tried that but his document was not accepted due to lies. So Cynthia filled the divorce that was accepted. Therefore it was Cynthia how divorced him and left him. In fact, before asking for divorce, Cynthia left him as soon as she found him with Yoko in her house wearing her robe. She left that night returning only when she knew he was not there anymore.
          Of course he was not forced to divorce. But…as his wife didn’t want him anymore, divorcing was the best thing to do.

          • Kregs says:

            I believe he also had to keep the TV sound up so she knew what he was up to. Control freak. One interesting according to his assistant John asked him to give all his diaries to his son Julian in the event of his death- the son he barely had a relationship with. The assistant didn’t believe he was stealing them. But somehow Yoko stopped him. John neglected to put that in writing. But he behaved like a child re business.

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