My Sweet Lord music video

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  1. G.D. Wilde says:

    It would hardly qualify as a ‘video’, but wasn’t there an online release of ‘My Sweet Lord’ soon after George’s death with moving images of lotusflowers? Or is that a false memory (after staring at the CD single for too long)? Anyone else remembers that?

  2. Rick says:

    I don’t understand the whole story behind the video But the song is GREAT

  3. Mr Marks says:

    Frankly, this is boring and uninspired rubbish. The Beatles were ground breaking creative forces, their inheritors, sadly, are just bad managers. There are so many talented and innovative young directors out there! Give them a chance!

  4. G.D. Wilde says:

    Well, the Got My Mind Set On You jumpy guy in the solo made me smile …

  5. Brian Hunt says:

    What a very odd video! Hardly likely to make it onto any future compilations of solo Beatles videos – Pan’s People were much better…and no less irrelevant than this parade of ‘slebs.

  6. FraFo. says:

    Truly dire video of a wonderful song and record. The video is dull, uninspired, narratively confused and poorly executed crap. Cramming the screen with largely unknown ‘celebs’ is no substitute for making a video that might actually enhance or showcase the song. Pitiful garbage. So poor it’s actually offensive.

  7. ANGEL says:

    is this video to promote an upcoming release ?

  8. Rich Cornock says:

    Seems a poor video for such a great song. You only have to look at the video they did for ‘Here Comes The Sun’ to see what could have been achieved. Was this a case of no one willing to say this was a bad idea to whoever came up with a concept. Probabaly cost a small fortune in appearance fees to create yet It’s not a video worth watching twice in my opinion

  9. Bran says:

    i think it was a great deal of fun to watch. i think George would have loved it.

  10. David Norman says:

    The video’s OK – and the music’s great . I don’t see how this video’s inspired by Star Wars. It looks to be inspired by David Lynch’s Twin Peaks TV series. The opening scene with the wood-pannelled interiors, faces in mirrors, FBI agents and the lines,’It’s happening again’ and ‘There’s something out there’ are classic elements from Twin Peaks. The shot of Jeff Lynne waving from the pavement/sidewalk echoes the opening sequence of the fireman’s wave in Lynch’s Blue Velvet.
    Merry Christmas Roger!

  11. nateboy2 says:

    It’s very much the kind of video I would expect for a George song like, “Crackerbox Palace” or “This Song”. However, for a song like “My Sweet Lord”, George would have found this inappropriate. This kind of video only works for one of his fun, non-serious songs. Do something like this for, “Ding Dong, Ding Dong”.

  12. Blakey says:

    Absolute crap, and not worthy of George’s classic song. Loads of celebrity tosspots does not make a good music video. Why wasn’t footage of the great man performing the song at the Bangladesh concerts used and combined with innovative and suitable animation (like the Glass Onion and Here Comes The Sun promos)?. No, not worthy of George or his legacy at all.

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