Faulty audio on Get Back video discs

Sealed Blu-ray box. Illustration from Ebay

“The Beatles:Get Back” on Blu-ray and DVD was recalled by Disney prior to the release date, Feb 8 because of an audio problem. Some of the faulty copies actually made it out to customers or retailers and then to ebay (of course). Apparantly, it seems it was the surround sound mix that was mistakenly downmixed to 2-channel stereo which was the problem with the USA discs. We don’t know if this affected discs made for the rest of the world, but it seems not – as the release dates in late February and early March for some of the European countries are unchanged in online stores.

The back of the box. Illustration from Ebay.

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  1. Paul says:

    Delayed till 31/12/2022

  1. February 12, 2022

    […] So wie es aussieht verzögert sich die Veröffentlichung der DVD/BluRay auf unbestimmte Zeit. Weitere Informationen und Spekulationen finden man hier…. […]

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