George Harrison’s childhood home becomes Airbnb

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After many months of speculation and possibly a sale, George Harrison’s former childhood home in 25, Upton Green in Speke has become available to rent as an Airbnb. The three bedroom house is close to the John Lennon Liverpool Airport.

Here’s how they describe it:

Beatles and George Harrison superfans!

There is much in Liverpool to help you experience the Beatles, but nothing quite like this.

The Harrison’s lived in this terrace home from 1950-1962. They moved right as the Beatles were starting to gain stardom and success. This is a special place, located in a cul-de-sac residential neighborhood in Speke, just around  minutes ride from Liverpool.

The space
Historic Bedrooms:

Walk and stay in George’s bedroom, where he first heard himself and the band on the radio! There’s a comfortable double bed and a large closet.

His sister’s bedroom features a single bed and a small closet, while his parent’s bedroom is larger with another double bed. All of them are waiting for you with premium quality high thread count fresh white linen.

Clean Bathroom:

The bathtub features original taps from when George lived in the house! We’ve only added a shower for your utmost comfort and stocked it with all essential toiletries and soft 100% cotton high-quality white fluffy towels.

Stay Connected:

The super fast WiFi in the house is ideal for streaming your favourite films or if you need to do business from the house.

Complimentary Drinks:

Complimentary hot drinks and biscuits are provided so you can relax with a tea or coffee when you arrive.

In case you have a car, there is free parking available around the house.

Unique Experience:

Sit and strum a guitar in the same room that George, Paul, and John sat and rehearsed during the early years.

Listen to old Beatles albums, on our retro standing record player- within a Beatles home!

Re-imagine the famed picture from the front door of a young George heading off to play in an early gig for The Quarrymen.

Complimentary drinks are available

Jackie Holmes was the previous owner of the house, and she still owns two more Beatles-related houses in Liverpool: Ringo Starr’s childhood home in Admiral Grove and the house where John Lennon’s mother Julia lived, with her family, in Blomfield road. Holmes is planning to sell both these properties as well, in the near future.

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12 Responses

  1. John says:

    You would have to pay me to stay on that estate!

  2. Max Wilbury says:

    This is such a shame. George Estate must be very saddened if not angry.
    On one hand you have his two older friends whose houses are part of the National Trust and then… this.

    • admin says:

      Well, the National Trust bought McCartney’s former home in Forthlin Road in 1995, but had no interest in purchasing John Lennon’s “Mendips”, because they already owned a similar type of house. Until Yoko Ono bought the property and handed it over to them in 2003, that is.

      • Max Wilbury says:

        Right Roger. I guess I’m just a bit sad that the owner of this house in Speke didn’t do something similar. But maybe they did try. It’s not Arnold Grove after all.

        • David Goldsworthy says:

          @Max Wilbury – Judging by your comments, you obviously have no idea how the National Trust works!

    • Rick says:

      You know that George always got the short end of the straw.


    Can’t see anything wrong with this, it’s a great idea

  4. Leon says:

    I would like to stay there for a week and record and album in george’s bedroom!

  5. James says:

    What a brilliant idea! It was obviously never going to go to the National Trust (their criteria being that events need to have taken place there – i.e. the Lennon/McCartney homes where the songs were written) but brilliant that George’s house is being kept in a time-capsule of its own too, even if it’s not as auspicious as the other two. Brilliant!

  6. sf says:

    His estate could have easily purchased and donated it to the National Trust. Olivia had to know it was going up for auction. It sold for less than 300,000 pounds. It would have done a lot to level him up with other two. Even Yoko knew the value of this. The tours conducted by the NT are incredibly well done and with the appropriate care and reverence. Loved it. And would love George to get the same treatment.
    Clearly a missed opportunity and a disappointing one.

  7. Junk Junk says:

    I am a big George fan, he is my fav Beatle. I have mixed feelings on this – I would have loved to stay here when I was in Liverpool many years ago.

  8. Carol Barrett says:

    I would love to stay there. I’m going next year to London. George deserrves to have this house listed as something else other than a VRBO. He was every bit as talented as the others. EVERY BIT!!

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