George to hide weed

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  1. Mr Marks says:

    Real cool? Come on!
    If this is not a joke, which is got to be. It would have been a monumental mistake to associate George to any brand, let alone something like this! George Harrison is a brand in itself which stands for a lot more than these sad pre rolled joints. He is an universal symbol of peace and love. Furthermore, he probably died as a result of his smoking!

    • Rick says:

      You need to lighten up dude. Or better still maybe you need to light up.

    • Win Corr says:

      Get a grip. It’s not a joke and I just received the package with the poster, pins, stickers and of course the box of ciggies. it looks like it would house the cassette of All Things Must Pass. Very well made. Nice collector’s item…

  2. James Peet says:

    George Harrison died from cancer. He was certain that it was caused by smoking over a large part of his life. You only have to look at the ciggies that the boys smoked during the Get Back film to know that he was a heavy smoker. This has to be in such poor taste, given how smoking contributed to George losing his life. This is purely bad-taste farce.

    What next? The estate of John Lennon to cut a deal with Smith & Wesson for their .38 Special?

    • Rick says:

      Yes George died from smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. Don’t think he died from smoking marijuana. If he had then I don’t think Olivia would have given her consent.

    • Win Corr says:

      Oh brother…This generation has really done a number on some people. Where is Father Marcinkus when you need him…LOL!

  3. Mike says:

    Its cbd its not even actual marijuana. Why is everyone freaking out about this? We all talk about the beatles love of weed and lsd and johns heroin. Drugs were part of their lives and what dors george standing for oeace and love have to do with lighting up? I didbt knoe george was such a peace liver btw. The beatles loved marijuana.

  4. Mr Marks says:

    No, Rick, I think you are wrong. Just because they smoked it, and Paul might still be doing it for all we know, it doesn’t mean that they should endorse it and lend their works of art to be part of its dubious marketing promotion. Not only because it is a carcinogenic narcotic substance, whether it is marijuana or not, but also because it is beneath them and their legacy. Also, in this day and age, and knowing what we know, it is morally reprehensible to promote such unhealthy habits amongst the youth that are discovering their music.

    • Rick says:

      Tobacco has killed many more people then marijuana has. And it’s a much harder thing to try and quit. I know.

      But if that’s they way you feel then fine. We can just agree to disagree then.

  5. Steve says:

    Morally reprehensible? Uhhhhhhh did you forget all of 1965? Do yiu forget how all the beatles openly say it was weed that changed their music and writing? Bud plays a huge role in their story and to ignore is ridiculous. News flash young people dont care what drugs the beatles did it doesnt matter. Also did you forget about 1967 as well?

  6. Mr Marks says:

    Come on, don’t get your knickers in a twist. We´ve all done it. And the positive effects of it on their output are undeniable. But that was then. Look, I am all for decriminalisation of all drugs, people should be able to sample them and make their own decisions. My point is that their estates shouldn’t be endorsing it.

  7. bob says:

    The Beatles had been fighting for decriminalization and legalization of the weed since at least July 24, 1967 when they, along with Brian Epstein, put their signatures to petition calling for that in their native country. IMO this isn’t really a big deal. In 45 years since the petition they signed, thought and norms of marijuana have changed so much. The reality of it, it’s just another celebrity endorsement of a cannabis product. Of which there are hundreds of, if not more. Another way to make some money.

  8. Barry M says:


  9. Stoneburner says:

    No dope smoking, no Rubber Soul, no Revolver, no Sgt Pepper. The Beatles were the best advertisement for drugs ever. As Bill Hicks said, if you don’t approve, go home and throw your record collection away!

  10. Mr Marks says:

    Is it that difficult to understand that liking it and using it is not the same as advertising it?
    As somebody said above, this is both tacky and ugly. The Beatles certainly sent the message and helped us discover grass and LSD, (even heroin). And the importance of their effects in their body of work is out of the question, but The Beatles were, in themselves, the message, and all the wisdom they transmitted was always through subtlety and cleverness. They would have never come down to this level of crassness. Come on, ‘All things must grass’? This is no better than turning the white album into an advert for Persil!

  11. Juan says:

    Don’t understand why everyone is up in arms, acting like we all know George cause we’ve heard his music, his interviews. For all we know he could’ve been smoking until the end. Do I know that as a fact? No and nobody else knows except for the keepers of his state and that’s it.
    The beautiful thing about this, is that you don’t have to buy it if you don’t agree with it, just like with other Harrison products in a form or format.
    If what’s upsetting is the fact of how some people are making money from weed while there’s many people unjustly in prison for having a personal dose on themselves, then know that with your purchase at Dad Grass you can donate money that helps most of these people. Here’s the link if you want to peruse about
    To quote Olivia in Living in the Material World: “He had karma to work out, and he wasn’t going to come back and be bad. He was gonna be good, and bad, and loving, and angry and everything all at once.
    You know, if someone said to you: “Ok, you can go through your life and you can have everything in five lifetimes, or you can have a really intense one and then you can go, and be liberated.” He would’ve said: “give me the one I’m not coming back here.”“

  12. Rick says:

    The box is nice but the product it self is nothing special.

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