George’s solo albums to be rereleased

The out of print solo catalogue of George Harrison will start to be released on Dark Horse Records via BMG from 8 September, 2023.

The initial release will include 5 titles on CD and 10 on vinyl.

The first batch of releases are:

Living In The Material World (2006 remaster) (released 1973)
Electronic Sound (released 1969)
Dark Horse (2014 remaster) (released 1974)
Extra Texture (2014 remaster) (released 1975)
George Harrison (2004 remaster) (released 1979)

Wonderwall Music (released 1968)
Electronic Sound (released 1969)
Dark Horse (released 1974)
Living In The Material World (2014 remaster) (released 1973)
Extra Texture (released 1975)
Thirty Three & 1/3 (released 1976)
George Harrison (released 1979)
Somewhere In England (released 1981)
Gone Troppo (released 1982)
Cloud Nine (released 1987)
Live In Japan (released 1992)
Brainwashed (released 2002)

The only missing studio album is «All Things Must Pass», which was reissued as a boxed set in many versions through EMI/Universal in 2021.

The 1992 live album «Live in Japan» is included in the BMG reissues. «Concert for Bangla Desh is owned by Sony Music, is not. A rumoured anniversary release did a no show.

Th three compilations ‘The Best of George Harrison’ (EMI 1976), “Best of Dark Horse 1976-1989” (Warner Music 1989) and “Let It Roll – Songs by George Harrison” ( Capitol/EMI 2009) are not scheduled, nor is “Early Takes: Volume 1” (Universal 2012).

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  1. Reed says:

    If you are a vinyl collector and don’t have the original releases, then this is big news. For the rest of us, it will be just a re-release of albums we already own (both on CD and Vinyl), which will be a hard pass unless they include bonus tracks or a 5.1 mix.

  2. Spike Wilbury says:

    It will be interesting to buy the Apple LP’s on Dark Horse. I’ll buy those.

  3. Darrel says:

    Was rather hoping they would release them as box sets with bonus tracks books dvds etc. Bit of a let down really.

  4. Tim Wilson says:

    The Concert For Bangladesh video is excellent. I wonder if a Peter Jackson type visual and audio treatment could render it even better.
    The Dark Horse remaster was surprisingly not very improved to my ears and I have heard others say the same thing. It sounded thin…lacking fidelity and punch. I wonder if it was possible to have remixed it to sound better. That album gets a bad rap sometimes due to its tenor and production (and the state of George’s voice at the time). There are numerous very listenable cuts on it. Yes, the sentiment of the lyrics on the album, were, at times, a downer but ‘singing the blues’ was where he was in that period, and he expressed it well.

  5. Ben says:

    Would like Somewhere In England on CD with original artwork and mix of that one track.

  6. Beatley Tone's Beatles Channel (YT) says:

    Not exactly out of print, pretty much all of these can be bought today on Amazon on vinyl. When we got the announcement earlier in the year from Dhani, I was hoping each album would get the box set treatment with a remix and outtakes similar to the ATMP set. Maybe there is more info to tell on these like are these analogue or the 2017 remasters. But as it stands this news is very underwhelming

    • James W Percival says:

      They are getting harder to find, though, as I found out this year. I decided I wanted a complete set of the Universal 2014 vinyl albums and so I have been buying them up in batches. My usual seller has now run out and informed me that Universal were selling off old stock about 9 months ago. This explains the glut on online platforms, but they will quickly disappear. So this is good news.

      I wonder how much extra material there is for many / most of the albums?

  7. Juan Anes says:

    Then we can forget about the red and blue album reissues… I don’t think they will compete in the market. My prediction is as follows:
    – September: George discography reissue.
    – October: New Ringo EP.
    – November: 50th anniversary Ringo / 50th anniversary Mind Games.
    – December: 50th anniversary Band on the Run / Expanded reissue (+Now And Then) Anthology triology.

    • Mikko Suhonen says:

      I don’t think that the George Harrison reissues will affect in any way the potential Beatles reissues. The previous editions of George’s albums are still available and as the BMG issues have apparently nothing new in them, it is not that big a deal compared to a new song and a new remix of the Beatles tracks.

  8. Datar says:

    Not to mention the new Stones album, end of year is shaping up to be a feast for Beatles/Stones collectors.

  9. Ned says:

    Agreed that the release of Apple catalog On Dark Horse makes at least part of this a unique first

  10. Wilbert says:

    Hopefully the mono Wonderwall lp !

  11. Blakey says:

    I was hoping for a deluxe 50th anniversary ‘Living In The Material World’ this year. But I will willingly buy the vinyl regardless.

    And who knows about the Red and Blue ‘remixes’, or if it ever existed. Maybe Penn Thingy talks a load of twaddle.

  12. Eric says:

    There was talk ages ago that Dhani was putting together a box set of outtakes and rarities from his father. Was that just a bogus rumor? Aside from the outtakes on the “All Things Must Pass” reissue, we’ve haven’t gotten any “new” George since “Early Takes, Vol. 1”. (Will there EVER be a Volume 2?)

  13. John Kaelin says:

    Is there any update on these reissues? I haven’t seen anything yet. Thanks!

  14. John a. Madden says:

    I have a feeling, George Harrison’s BMG/ Dark Horse reissues will be released around George’s Birthday 2-25-24 – after Paul McCartney’s 50th Anniversary of Band on the run is released! Just a feeling.

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