John Lennon and May Pang film to get theatrical release

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  1. MG says:

    LOL. One day after the John & Yoko documentary is announced, this one is announced! HA! Oh man, these two ladies can’t stop cashing in and dining out on being JL’s shack-ups. How many documentaries has Yoko sanctioned? Two just based on the Imagine session alone! How many books has May rehashed this affair? Has it been three, or four? Or more!!! And the sad fact is Beatle suckers will fall for it all over again. Including (potentially) me! Gaaaaaa!

  2. rick says:

    Hopefully we’ll find out where it will be shown.

  3. Rose Prulx says:

    Wasn’t one book enough? How many more does she plan to write? Was that he only claim to fame?

  4. HeBu says:

    It seems to happen on April 13th.

    There is also a list of theatres on the website.

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