New John and Yoko documentary

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  1. Ted Nugent says:

    I take issue with your use of the term: ‘Radical Left’. There is no such thing as that .. Only: ‘The Left’. It’s mainly the MSM that are Right-focused and use ‘Radical Left’ to mislabel the Left. Just as an FYI, ‘Antifa’ stands for ‘AntiFascist’.

  2. David Foyle says:

    I have the Rhino set of that week on DVD. (I can’t remember if I transferred it from VHS to DVD or if it came that way, probably I transferred it).

    The show itself was definitely a “snapshot” of John Lennon, AND the USA during one week in 1972.

  3. Billy says:

    What happened with “Live in New York City”/”One To One Concerts” video? It was 50 years ago and we don’t have DVD/Blueray/Streaming… It’s a pity…

  4. Will says:

    It would seem logical that maybe the documentary will accompany the 5 shows?

  5. tccokey3 says:

    I look forward in eager anticipation to this event.

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