La France et Les Beatles

Flyer for the event. Click for bigger.

The National Library of France in Paris is organizing a half-day study on the Beatles and France on October 19. The event starts at 14.00 with an introduction, after which discography author Jean-Claude Hocquet and Jean-Rodolphe Zanzotto from the library will look into the group’s releases in France in their active record-releasing years, 1962-1970.

After the break from 15.00 to 15.30, the programme resumes with a reminiscence of the Beatles, with Jean-Claude Hocquet and his co-author Eric Krasker, joined by journalist Jacques Barsamian, famous sixties photographer Jean-Marie Perier and two people who were involved in The Beatles’ concerts in Versailles and at L’Oympia in Paris in January 1964. Images, and perhaps film of the Beatles from the INA archives will be screened.

Cover versions in French and influences the Beatles had on French pop music is up for disussion next, and the programme’s finale is a musical one, with Elliott Murphy and Olivier Durand.


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