Linda McCartney: Polaroids

Originally planned for release in mid May but postponed until October is a new book from the late Linda McCartney, containing the best of her Polaroid pictures.

The book consists of highlights from the photographer’s vast archive of Polaroids. Although working with professional cameras for her more iconic rock star photos, Linda kept her Polaroid camera ready when she was with family and friends. You may remember some of her Polaroids from the poster from “Band on the run”, and also from a collection of small books released by Wings Fun Club, called “Linda’s Diaries”.

The 1980 diary: Not a good year for The Beatles and their fans.

The 240 pages paperback book takes us straight into the private lives of the McCartneys and their children, and will also contain animal photos.

“This new book presents the striking images of Linda’s vast collection of Polaroids, tracing these last thirty years in the life of McCartney. These spontaneous images are full of candor and offer a particularly intimate testimony of Linda, mother, artist and militant vegetarian, defending the animal cause.”

“After the rock’n’roll portraits and the first images of the glamorous jet-set, McCartney’s Polaroids offer something much more warm, intimate and family-like. The collection takes us directly to the heart of the McCartney home. As well as portraits of her husband, the vast majority of shots are of the four children of the couple, Heather, Mary, Stella and James. We see them make funny faces in matching pajamas,  James drawing with his father, and Mary and Stella playing beautiful.”

Recording “Tug of War” in Montserrat

“Alternating with these portraits, still life pics and interior compositions speak volumes about McCartney’s sharp eye, drawn to patterns, textures, colors or simply a graceful ray of light. Other images show her love of animals, with photos of cats, lambs, horses and chicken, full of compassion. Through them, we see how, despite the crude and imperfect aesthetics of the Polaroid, McCartney’s unique style shines through, revealing its precision and tenderness that mingle with happiness in these life moments.”

The book has been edited by Alison Castle.

Paperback: 240 pages

Publisher: TASCHEN (22 October 2019)

Collection: Photography

Language: English, French, German

ISBN-10: 3836558114

ISBN-13: 978-3836558112

Photos: Linda McCartney © 2019 Linda Enterprises Limited.

Instagram: Linda McCartney

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