Magical Mystery Overkill

Somehow or other, the brilliant prince of Beatles video uploads of late, AdamBound has found four and a half hours worth of outtakes from the filming of The Beatles made-for-TV movie, “Magical Mystery Tour”. He has been working to piece together all this in chronological order. Only a few samples of this mammut project has been published on YouTube.

Five clips from the filming of Magical Mystery Tour has been uploaded to YouTube

For the general public, this is far more than people would be willing to sit through, of course. In fact, even the original finished 50 minutes “Magical Mystery Tour” wasn’t much appreciated by the British TV critics of 1967, which lead to no US television deal and the film was mainly shown around film clubs and in a few universities stateside for years.

In 1997, the film was released on DVD in USA by Apple/MPI, who didn’t bother to release it elsewhere in the world, so a grey market release on the Avenue One label became available in high street shops in all other countries in the world. The film was finally officially released worldwide by Apple in 2012 on Blu-ray and DVD with much publicity. The release included lots of bonus footage, and extra outtakes appeared only on YouTube and some were included in an Arena TV Special. Other outtakes have appeared on various video bootleg releases and all this material has been the source for AdamBound’s project.

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  1. Leon says:

    Great news. It’s my favourite Beatles film. Thanks!!

  2. DukeViking says:

    BRING IT ON!! Someone has to do it! I’ll be ripping this off of youtube as they are so generously delivered and burned on dvd for my private viewing pleasure in my basement projection theatre.

  3. Win Corr says:

    A special edition cut with more footage would be phenomenal. All that blah blah blah of the past…is just that, the past ….peoples opinions of something that today is super good because film has been seen in so many ways now. After Tarantino, Jackson, Hand held Rodrigues and Blairwitch-like flicks for example have made something like this in the right hands and major fun project.

  4. Kozmo says:

    Be advised, I tried to download this from this Adam Bound link and first they expect you to download an app (which I couldn’t on Firefox; I did on Chrome, or so I thought, but I kept receiving messages to download the app over and over again even tho’ it was installed) — then when I tried to download the video, it was so slow I had to leave the machine on all night. Meanwhile, they try to sign you up to some subscription plan to manage your download or speed up the download. When I got up the next morning, the download had stalled out, there was a message about having exceeded my “limit” (whatever hat was) and I’d have to subscribe to continue or “wait.” Wait for WHAT? There seemed no free option any longer and all I’d done was use up half my verizon allowance in one gulp for a partial download that wasn’t even showing up on my computer anywhere. Fie on this. I threw the app away and will just have to wait for a bootleg edition. This was a colossal waste of my time and resources.

  5. Charles_I says:

    I’ve had the same issue. This is a cloud based encrypted storage site and requires a MONTHLY subscription. After several failed attempts, timeouts, 4 and 5 hour waits to resume the free download I did eventually get to the end of the download about a week ago, after about 20 hours, and at the end of the download bar was a message that said the file was corrupted. Not a single KB had actually been downloaded. Have tried every day since then but it will not download for more than half an hour, or 5GB of 15GB without timing out, crashing the browser, and various other error messages. Even if you try playing the video it will stop after half an hour and say you have used up your bandwidth. Don’t waste your time.

    • James says:

      You’ve clicked the wrong button. Try and double-check what you’re clicking on. It’s a legit download site, but is riddled with advertising. You’ll have clicked on an advert.

  6. Barry M says:

    I had no problem downloading tbh. I used firefox on a macbook. I did not need to sign up or downhload an app etc. If you just click the ‘download’ button on the far left hand side of the link page, under the blue ‘OneRrive’ ribbon/banner it should automaically start to download. It is a large file so it may take a while depending on your internet speed.

    • Kevin says:

      I just don’t see anything at all corresponding to what you describe. There is no download button on a far left side and there is no OneRive ribbon/banner. Just the same displays I’ve sen before and the same frustrating messages about Firefox and MEGA and “insufficient buffer.”

  7. Charles_I says:

    I got it! Thanks to Barry M I tried again. I also use Firefox but if you click the free Standard Download button it pops ups the error message, “Firefox has insufficient buffer” on a PC, so I downloaded it using Microsoft Edge.

    Here’s an important trick that I tried that worked to save you hours waiting in the queue. When the message popped up that I had exceeded my allowable bandwidth for the free download and had to wait 6 hours, I just restarted my computer and went back to the page and clicked “Resume” and the wait time was gone. This happened twice during the download. I wonder also if it’s working better now because there may be less traffic than when it was first posted.

    Interesting that all of this footage is silent (with MMT songs played over it). Obviously, not all of the film footage would have been originally shot with sound, but I wonder if some of this is also “home” footage.

  8. Mark says:

    Wasn’t all this additional footage leaked years ago and ended up being widely booted by the usual grey labels??

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