More from the 2021 mix of Let It Be

Another sampler from the upcoming 2021 mix of Let It Be, and some other tracks from the release have been shared on streaming audio providers and YouTube. The above mix of “Across The Universe” is one thing, but in addition, take 8 of “Get Back”, take 3 of “One After 909” and Glyn Johns’ mix of “I Me Mine” have all been shared.

Previously, the 2021 remix of “Let It Be” has been available, along with the first rooftop performance of “Don’t Let Me Down” and Glyn Johns’ “For You Blue” mix.

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  1. Terry says:

    Was very excited to hear these four tracks, but am disappointed. Get Back Take 8 – that’s the usual version before studio edits? I Me Mine is the raw 1970 take, as featured 25 years ago on Anthology. Across the Universe is again, the reguar version – OK, remixed, but still pretty familiar stuff. That just leaves an alternative performance of One After 909. Not much to shout about really. I am looking forward to the Get Back releases, but this new preview is not whetting my apetite further.

    • Win Corr says:

      It concerns me how little is on the up coming Let it Be Deluxe release compared to Bootlegs that are out there in excellent quality. I really don’t get it.

  2. Brian Hunt says:

    “Get Back Take 8” is a completely different take from the take (Sulpy 27/6) used for the single (with the added coda, Sulpy 28/1) and the album (without the coda, but with added “live” effects).

    Has anyone identified the Sulpy reference for Take 8, and/or which track this is on the Vigotone “Thirty Days” set?

  3. Guillaume says:

    Get Back Take 8 is DDSI and New Blue Soup 27.52. At the end of the Nagra tape of 27.52 you can hear Paul saying Take 9. This means 27.53 is Take 9.

  4. Thanks, Guillaume; I think Paul actually says “dig, man?” at the end of the take, but I agree with your numbering. The released take is 27.63 in DDSI and New Blue Soap, which makes it Take 15 (I think!)…

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