New Dolby Atmos releases from The Beatles

The Beatles’ “1” album and double A-side “Strawberry Fields Forever” c/w “Penny Lane” are now available in Dolby Atmos. The latter is released as a so-called eSingle.

The Beatles’ “1”: Link
The eSingle: Link


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  1. Ronald says:

    It still lacks “Please Please Me” which everyone knows (especially Paul and Ringo) was the Beatles’ first number one.

  2. William Campbell says:

    Couldn’t care less about Dolby Atmos.

    How about the entire catalogue for sale in 24 bit, 192 kHz stereo FLAC, with DES stereo for the few mono tracks?

  3. Win Corr says:

    I think People want Dolby Atmos now. The HI FI speaker set up is easier which is good. 2 Speakers and that’s it. If you know how to listen, It’s cool. But can also be a train wreck; but a good one. We’ve been waiting for this since 1989. It will only get better. BOSS accomplished the illusion of it with the 321 model.

  4. Glenn says:

    I guess someone needs to explain Atmos to me again. I thought it was a surround system. Don’t know how you can get that out of two speakers.

  5. seanroper13 says:

    Excellent news.

  6. PaulD says:

    This is completely lost on me too!

  7. misterstick says:

    For those not familiar with Atmos, let me put in a word for it, and that word is ‘great’. I work in film and video and while I have worked on some 5.1 mixed shows, Atmos puts that in the trash. I was never all that excited about 5.1 music, but Atmos is a whole new tech with a better attitude. Yeah, you need a lot of speakers. I’m using 7 and 2 subs, but you can go all the way to 13 channels (more than 50 in the cinema version). As opposed to 5.1, Atmos mixing uses ‘object placement’ to let the engineer decide where, in space, the specific sound should be placed. Then the Atmos decoder interprets that decision across the number of speakers you have. And the mixes I have heard lately are a lot more tasteful than many old-era surround mixes, which came off as gimmicky. I always drawn more to hi-res stereo than surround. But Atmos, done right, changes that It has the goal of filling the room with a kind of acoustic aura, and then allowing instruments and voices to selectively step forward to you when appropriate. It’s also the best movie sound I have ever heard, and a lot of streaming titles are rolling out in Atmos and Dolby Vision. The gold standard, for me anyway, is Apple’s Greyhound film with Tom Hanks. You can just tell that this tech promotes better decisions in the audio post-production chain. Give it a listen where you can, and I hope you get the same buzz I do. Thanks.

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