New John&Paul photo from 1974

May Pang, John and Paul, Linda McCartney and Harry Nilsson. Photo: MALCOLM FREDERICK EVANS ARCHIVES

From the Mal Evans archives and we presume taken by Mal, is yet another photo from 29 March 1974 when Paul and Linda visited John and May at the Santa Monica beach house they rented.

Source: People Magazine



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  1. RR says:

    Forever a shame that they couldn’t put the legal frustrations aside and make some beautiful music together again.

  2. Datar says:

    Yoko reeled John back in to the Dakota and that was the end of that.

  3. Blakey says:

    May encouraged John to reach out to Paul. And, had they worked together again, it’s more or less a certainty Ringo would have joined them. I don’t know if George would have been keen though.

  4. NickL says:

    Not sure they would have ever played together again (although I’m sure they may have all played on each other’s albums). The best chance would have been in the 70’s but by the 80’s the pressure to recapture former glories would have been too much. The ’95 reunion was only possible because that pressure had been removed and no one would have expected them to be breaking new ground as they weren’t technically The Beatles.

  5. alcw says:

    maybe a single…but an album no way..George wanted to be his own man and not just get one track…it wouldn’t have surprised me as well if they had come together for LiveAid as act/duo

    Like any good divorce , some of the fundamental issues just weren’t going to get resolved. Paul need to be a silly love song writer, John wanted to be a recluse and enjoy being a stay at home Dad. George wanted is own career and Ringo was well Ringo. Just happy to be part of the fun and was falling deeper into his drug addiction.

  6. Blakey says:

    Interesting stuff in January 2024’s MOJO,

    When George Harrison parted ways with Allen Klein in 1973, he was asked why.
    George apparently said ‘Because as long as Allen is manager, we will never be able to get together again,’

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