Now and Then postponed by Disney?

Real poster image or AI creation?

Last week, there were a rumour circulating that there’s a Disney Pixar The Beatles cgi movie in the works for next year. Someone has reported that The Beatles’ final song, “Now and Then” was requested to be postponed so a cgi video could be made to promote the film.

Other factors may have been that releasing a new red and blue set now is a bit too soon, as record stores still have the 2014 reissues of the sets in stock.

It has been suggested that best of the remixes are going to be in the new film’s sounddtrack and a possible 3 or 4 disc soundtrack set. There is no 2024 release date given or if it will go straight to Disney+ but spring 2024 has been mentioned.

In other rumours, late October 2023 is expected to be the time for the official announcement from The Beatles about their new product, with a release date set for late November.

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  1. DukeViking says:

    Pure BS – the industry is celebrating The Rolling Stones this week NOW…THEN the focus turns to The Beatles: Red/Blue/Now/Then in multiple configurations. IT’S COMING FOLKS…see you round the clubs next week…

  2. Bob Gassel says:

    I think even Pixar knows George isn’t left-handed…this artwork is obviously an AI creation.

  3. Datar says:

    Absolutely horrible character depictions if that is the actual artwork. You would think the surviving families would have some sign off on this,

    • Bob says:

      From a magician to the house of mouse, this story has become so convoluted. A PIXAR movie too? Seriously, WTF? Just put the song out and then do with it whatever you will. If this turns out to be correct, it’s time for Apple to disassociate itself with the greed at Disney. Hopefully, this will go the way of the once planned PIXAR Yellow Submarine. I long for the days when the Beatles were a band and not a brand.

  4. Ed says:

    The image is awesome. John’s guitar is fantastically disconnected, and George is play left handed. I sure hope it is AI.

    • Hidlive says:

      I’d like to point out that on the very, very left, there is an extra arm belonging to someone that isn’t in The Beatles. Also, the drumhead is pure gibberish.

    • James Peet says:

      The Beatle on the right (John? Deffo not Ringo) appears to be putting his hand on a fretboard that isn’t connected to the body of his guitar… Awful. I don’t think even Apple would let that go out in its current state. Made me giggle though ;o)

  5. Mitchell Axelrod says:

    Pure drivel.

  6. Patrick (Patsounds) The Netherlands. says:

    The Beatles single is postponed due to the wonderful Rolling Stones release this month. 2024 is more likely for any new The Beatles release. It is what it is… Why compete with The Rolling Stones in 2023?!

    • Jon Woolsey says:

      There would be no competition…..the Stones are who they are and the same for the Beatles. They have never adjusted what they are releasing based on what the other was doing. In any case, if they were competing in some way…..The Beatles would win hands down.

  7. Hailey says:

    no idea why this was reported on here, it’s clearly an ai image backed with a fake story

  8. Hidlive says:

    All due respect… this is an obvious fake, both the ai-generated poster and the person who first posted this “rumor”. They have a history of lying.

  9. TBRT says:

    Imagine making a post about a fake news story from a Beatlegdb comment that is even more fake xD

  10. Krist Delgado says:

    John Lennon’s “Mind Games Ultimate Mixes” is set for 2024. Look at the X account for John Lennon Estate… “Even more surprises later in the year”.

  11. Peter says:

    You have consistently provide reputable and accurate information. I am surprised and disappointed you fell for this bullshit. You should have known better.

    • admin says:

      It was only for a laugh and I readily identified it as last week’s rumour. I also ended it with another rumour, which none of you commentators have picked up on.

      • PaulD says:

        Roger, thank you for producing such a wonderful website. Shame on anybody who makes disparaging comments about any of your fascinating, entertaining and in this case amusing articles!

      • Mikey B says:

        Thanks Roger! I appreciate the photo you uploaded because it really made my day.

  12. Robert J Gannon says:

    This article is quick nonsensical! Disney has absolutely nothing to do with the release of the Red & Blue sets with Now And Then

  13. James Peet says:

    Some Beatles people are far too serious about these things. A lot of things that the Beatles did or said was purely for a laugh. Humour was and is a huge part of their charm; something that was special to them. Roger has provided the best information service for a very long time. He knew what he was doing in this post. I think he’s entitled to be playful once in a while ;o)

  14. Morey Amsterdamn says:

    this joke turned into dumb YT “wannabe” insiders broadcasting it like it was breaking news.

  15. Blakey says:

    The latest is that Red and Blue will come out with ‘Now and Then’ and other tracks (like ‘Blackbird’) will be thrown in. October 25th 2023 is supposed to be the announcement date now. I say supposed to be, but – like Penn Thingy’s babbling – it could be yet more cobblers.

    And it’s possible that there’ll be remixes, but no demixed/MAL ones. The mixes apparently will be ‘1+’ style. So, apparently there will be no MAL remix of ‘She Loves You’. Also, there’ll be no remixes of the ‘Free As A Bird’ and ‘Real Love’ tracks either. Apparently, neither song will be included.

    • Juan says:

      Penn Jillette’s comment is interesting cause he did hear Now and Then but the fan made one that does have vocal harmonies from Because. I doubt he heard the upcoming version let alone Paul adding vocals from an already published song.

  16. Blakey says:

    ‘George’ playing left handed gives it away as a very bad fake.

  17. Joe says:

    Looking at the image I tried to correct it in a way whereas flipping the image. There is makes “George and John” playing right hand guitars and looking closely, “Paul” is playing his Hofner bass.

  18. Paul Murphy says:

    This is like one of those ‘Name 10 Things Wrong With This Picture’ entries from a puzzle magazine. Nobody seems to have noticed that they seem to be playing on the deck of the Titanic shortly after it lost its No Claims Bonus.

  19. Juan Sánchez says:

    Plot was revealed as we will see Paul, George and Ringo work on Now and Then in an alternate universe we’re they actually finish the song and release it to the world. It’ll be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it’ll be an important part for the upcoming Fantastic Four film, the idea is to have a crossover between the animated Threetles and the superheroes.

  20. brad says:

    Guys, its here!
    Now and then

  21. Blakey says:

    It’s now rumoured that ‘Within You Without You’ will be added to Blue.
    Obviously George’s family/estate will want him to have more songs on them, but there are better ones. The full length ‘It’s All Too Much’ would be a real treat.

  22. Patsounds The Netherlands. says:

    The Beatles announce the new release October 26…

  23. Glenn Milam says:

    Just received an email from the Beatles store titled “The Countdown Begins”, with a picture of a cassette tape and a date of Oct 26.

    • Krist Delgado says:

      Yeah!!! Me too!! It’s inminent!! Greetings from Chile!! Just look at the X account for the John Lennon Estate: Mind Games Ultimate Mixes 2024 “and even more surprises later in the year” (Maybe from The Beatles?)

  24. Shad Radna says:

    I’ve just realized that those boards they’re standing on… this is an accurate recreation of the rooftop gig.

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