Now and then there’s a cassette


Here’s a close up:

2023 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Yoko Ono Lennon, MPL Communications Ltd, GH Estate Ltd and Starling Music Ltd under exclusive license to Calderstone Production Ltd (a division of Universal Music Group) 2023 Apple Corps Ltd.

So, if the original demo was on a cassette, they have gone no length at all to find an image to tease us with.

Something is expected to be revealed Thursday 26th October at two of the clock, standard British time, or 9AM ET, 6AM PT. Is it an announcement? Or is it the song? Tomorrow knows.

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  1. Krist Delgado says:

    When you see a very similar image (the original cassette for “My mummy is dead”) whose photo is included in the “Plastic Ono Band Ultimate Mixes” you think: Now it’s time to improve the audio with AI all those recordings. Demos already included in “Anthology”… Even for future releases. Even the John Lennon “Acoustic” album!!!

  2. Blakey says:

    And isn’t the tape going backwards?

  3. Blakey says:

    Will it be a Giles/Sam production credit, or is Jeff also involved?

  4. Blakey says:

    I remember the huge splash ‘Free As A Bird’ made in 95. An ITV special on the ‘reunion’ and the upcoming Anthology was aired..

    Thing was, the Beatles were well trendy again. The Oasis thing had just gone global and Noel was on that ITV show (he genuinely offered Oasis’s services to support the Threetles if they ever toured). The influence of the Beatles was still huge in the 90s. But, I wonder if there will be a similar reaction this time? I’d like to think so. But, with the amount of soulless crap that all UK TV channels now produce, I doubt it.

    • Mike says:

      I totally remember when Oasis started back in the 90s around the time when I watched the Beatles Anthology as a kid. It was truly a colorful time in England. The first time I ever heard ‘Wonderwall’, I was stunned. I seriously thought this was a new Beatles recording. It has the vibe of Abbey Road. I can’t wait to hear what the news will bring us. Wonder if Paul used an old Beatles trick in the book where you reverse guitars playing backwards? That would be something! If they make on documentary on Now and Then, I’d totally watch it. Anything Beatles always cheers me up.

  5. Mikey B says:

    Perhaps the cassette contains the following tracks:

    The Beatles EP:
    1. Free As A Bird
    2. Real Love
    3. Now And Then
    4. Now And Then 1995

    Who knows? Either way, exciting!

  6. Krist Delgado says:

    They cut the bridge from John’s original demo (the “I don’t wanna lose you” part), those bluesy and sad notes are the best from him. Maybe because that part sounded incomplete but Paul should have included backing vocals or guitars to cover it.

  7. Stevie B says:

    Cool man….John would wish you to enjoy it “without the bloody analytics” I can hear it in Johns dialect…. well done Paul and Ringo ….and George as part of the early project….

  8. Lucian Hill says:

    Has anyone actually opened a cassette to see what’s on Side A?

  9. Bill W says:

    dissapointing…to me it’s a demo song that was maybe 50% done during John’s drug addiction years…it’s dreadful…the video to me just highlights the sadness that two are dead and two just old. Wish they hadn’t done this project.

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