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It looks like Amazon in France managed to spill the beans a little early today, by preparing a page for the new red and blue albums, with pictures. They didn’t list the contents, but someone on reddit published the following list, with 21 tracks added to the original 2LP track lists. We’ll see if the announcement proves these track lists right or wrong.

The new red album

  1. Love Me Do
  2. Please Please Me
  3. I Saw Her Standing There
  4. Twist and Shout
  5. From Me to You
  6. She Loves You
  7. I Want to Hold Your Hand
  8. This Boy
  9. All My Loving
  10. Roll Over Beethoven
  11. You Really Got a Hold on Me
  12. Can’t Buy Me Love
  13. You Can’t Do That
  14. A Hard Day’s Night
  15. And I Love Her
  16. Eight Days a Week
  17. I Feel Fine
  18. Ticket to Ride
  19. Yesterday
  20. Help!
  21. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
  22. We Can Work It Out
  23. Day Tripper
  24. Drive My Car
  25. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
  26. Nowhere Man
  27. Michelle
  28. In My Life
  29. If I Needed Someone
  30. Girl
  31. Paperback Writer
  32. Eleanor Rigby
  33. Yellow Submarine
  34. Taxman
  35. Got to Get You into My Life
  36. I’m Only Sleeping
  37. Here, There and Everywhere
  38. Tomorrow Never Knows

The new blue album

  1. Strawberry Fields Forever
  2. Penny Lane
  3. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  4. With a Little Help From My Friends
  5. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
  6. Within You, Without You
  7. A Day in the Life
  8. All You Need Is Love
  9. I Am the Walrus
  10. Hello, Goodbye
  11. The Fool on the Hill
  12. Magical Mystery Tour
  13. Lady Madonna
  14. Hey Jude
  15. Revolution
  16. Back in the U.S.S.R.
  17. Dear Prudence
  18. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  19. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
  20. Glass Onion
  21. Blackbird
  22. Hey Bulldog
  23. Get Back
  24. Don’t Let Me Down
  25. The Ballad of John and Yoko
  26. Old Brown Shoe
  27. Here Comes the Sun
  28. Come Together
  29. Something
  30. Octopus’s Garden
  31. Oh! Darling
  32. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
  33. Let It Be
  34. Across the Universe
  35. I Me Mine
  36. The Long and Winding Road
  37. Now and Then

So if these lists are correct, the additions to the original track lists are: I Saw Her Standing There, Twist & Shout, This Boy, Roll Over Beethoven, You Really Got A Hold On Me, You Can’t Do That, If I Needed Someone, Taxman, Got To Get You Into My Life, I’m Only Sleeping, Here, There & Everywhere, Tomorrow Never Knows, Within You Without You, Dear Prudence, Glass Onion, Blackbird, Hey Bulldog, Oh! Darling, I Want You (She’s So Heavy), I Me Mine, Now & Then.

According to this, all songs are now stereo.

A rumour from Steve Hoffman’s music forum has the formats:
2CD Red Album
2CD Blue Album
3LP Red Album
3LP Blue Album
6xLP Red/Blue in Box

And also has images of the single:

Quite bland front covers

Now and Then 12″
Now and Then 7″
Now and Then 7″ (Blue Vinyl)

According to another source, the “Now And Then” single will be released November 3, 2023 on four different 7” singles, 10” single (so not 12” – remember Ringo’s latest EP’s as well as The Rolling Stones’ “Angry” were in the 10” format) and cassette single. Digital, too. No CD for the single. The last Beatles song will be paired with the first – “Love Me Do” is the b-side. Release date for the albums is November 10, 2023. The new red and blue albums will each be 2 CDs and 3LPs, so finally value for money on the CD’s, something fans have complained about in earlier incarnations. 30 of the 38 songs were remixed by Giles Martin. The blue album will add 9 new songs including “Now And Then”. 7 songs were given the Jackson/Martin treatment (Presumably MAL-related instrument and vocal separation). The CDs will arrange all the songs in chronological order, whereas the LPs will have the additional songs on LP 3.

Red album 2CD

Blue album 2CD

33 Responses

  1. My nomination for best track not included (assuming the list is correct): Rain

    • Paul says:

      I would hope they would include new remixed versions of Free As a Bird, and Real Love incorporating the new ‘de-mixing’ technology.

  2. Ronald says:

    There must be some doubt about the track listing. Back In The USSR has been removed.

  3. BlueMeany says:

    Most odd, Now and Then was from late seventies, definitely after 1970

  4. Ronald says:

    I’m sure Back In The USSR wasn’t in the track listing when I first read it. It’s back on now! Oh Darling is an addition to the Blue album as well as the additions listed above. Is there going to be a B side to the single?

  5. DukeViking says:

    I could care less for the Red & Blue comps – I’m over the moon that we FINALLY get Now and Then after all these years. Between The Stowe School release, The Mal Evans Bio, and Now & Then; this has been a successful year of treasures.

  6. Edward says:

    It would seem strange to jump from 1970 to 2023 without anything in between, hopefully FAAB and RL are in this set too!

    • Mike says:

      I agree one hundred percent with you, dude. Free As A Bird & Real Love deserve to be included. They’re just as canonical as Now And Then will surely be. Fingers crossed, my friend.

  7. Brian says:

    Hello Roger. Thank you for being a wonderfully informative source of Beatles information. Have you heard anything about Free As A Bird and Real Love? I consider these beautiful songs to be canonical. It would be strange if they weren’t included. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  8. Diego says:

    Free As A Bird and Real Love are NOT included.

  9. James Peet says:

    I would have thought that Now & Then should be track one of Anthology 3. Anthology is surely due for rerereleasing, and it would fit the idea of a “new” Beatles song to kick each album off. Also, it’s not that long since the Red/Blue albums were released utilising the newly remastered recordings.

    Finally, the b-sides of FAAB/RL were all unreleased recordings. Surely, there are some recordings still unheard, given that the Giles Martin releases of recent years have thrown up a few surprising recordings.

    Finally (part II), does this release mean that we aren’t going to have new mixes of Rubber Soul and the rest? Maybe Now & Then needing to be released now has caused a break before we go again next year with Rubber Soul, not to mention the tracks from MMT/YS needing appropriate remixing/outtakes etc..

  10. Karl Stubsjoen says:

    This is great news and as some “experts” have foretold these last weeks. But why in heavens name did they not include “Helter Skelter” when they finally had the chance? I have always believed not including it on the original Blue album was a blip, but now?

  11. wardo68 says:

    Still sticking mostly to side one of the White Album.

    Just put out a CD single of the 1+ remixes of FAAB and RL with the new track. No need for another Love Me Do.

  12. Andreas Mueller says:

    I’m wondering whether the de-/remixed “Love Me Do” is the version with Ringo on drums or Andy White. 🤔

    • Paul Murphy says:

      It has been taken from 2 x 7″ singles, the UK 5 October 1962 release, so will have Ringo. Looking at the traffic surrounding today’s news, 2 things are almost universal – the poor artwork on the single, and the ungainliness of ‘Now And Then’ on – well, one cannot really call it “1967-1970” anymore. It’s like a pimple suddenly being painted on the Mona Lisa. It’s hard not to think that someone on a very high salary c/should have predicted those responses. If the accepted story that these were originally going to be called “…+1”, until the late decision was taken to make the CD sets 2-discers instead of 3, to obviate continuing ‘value for money not pictured on “Red”‘ criticism [hence the reason the already-pressed vinyl sets have the “1” LP] is accurate, surely some consideration should have gone into how the title of ‘Blue’ would pan out. Anyway, best not be too vociferous – they still have a week to change their minds and delay it again!

  13. Blakey says:

    Only one Yellow Sub era track. It’s All Too Much or Only A Northern Song would have been great. The full ‘Too Much’ would have been epic.

    And Helter Skelter, Warm Gun or Yer Blues over Glass Onion.

  14. Kip Cuthbert says:

    I think I came up with a better track listing for at least the original album by switching out 3 or four of the tracks, one of them being Birthday because it is such an important party record. Sorry not to see it here.
    I think there are better commercial tracks on there albums that could have been chosen such as “You Wont See Me ” and “Baby You’re A Rich Man ” and others I do not see here. Most of the extra albums cuts picked should remain album cuts.

  15. John Kaelin says:

    This is exciting! I preordered the CD set and the cassette single. Is there any significance with the single cover? I never heard of the artist. I guess I was surprised to not see a band photo like Real Love single.

    • Shad Radna says:

      I believe he was already a well-established artist before The Beatles came along. Paul is a fan – he did the McCartney III sleeve. It is (to my eyes) an ethereal staircase, viewed from above, leading up from a mistier ‘then’ to a clearer ‘now’.

      • John Kaelin says:

        Wow. I didn’t see that ethereal staircase. Thank you for sharing.

        • Blakey says:

          Also, Shad, the cover sort of resembles the balcony/staircase at EMI House. From Angus McBean’s Blue Album cover photo. I wonder of there will be a cover (another of McBean’s staircase photos hiddeb underneath the ‘arty’ cover?

  16. Beatlearl says:

    I agree with with another comment about “Rain”I’m surprised it didn’t make list Ringo always says it’s one of his best piece of drumming 🥁

  17. I wish they had left red just red and blue just blue. Two icons (with all their imperfections) have been butchered. And it’s really sad that the original Let It Be film still hasn’t been released on DVD. But apparently no one is talking about that anymore … Beatles history is being taught wrong.

  18. Glenn Milam says:

    I think these are good sets. It’s neat that they have the technology to pull these old recordings apart and mix them with today’s ears. A lot of these old recordings were never intended to be heard in stereo. Mono was the standard. So the fact that it is even possible is cool.

    And nobody (especially Giles, I’m sure) wants to slog through the entire catalog, pulling every song apart and rebuilding them. The Red and Blue collections are a good compromise.

    • Tim Wilson says:

      The Yellow Submarine Songtrack was an example of a perfect remix. You can remix mono and make it sound more clear with better dynamic range. It is clear that using technology to pull the tracks apart and reassemble them is a shortcut but doesn’t do them sonic justice. I think the underwhelming Revolver “remix” shows that. If Giles doesn’t want to do it, somebody should since the YS Songtrack demonstrates what quality remixing from scratch can sound like.

      • Glenn Milam says:

        I agree that the YS Songtrack is an example remix from the existing tapes. And I think the Revolver remix shows how little instrumentation is actually there. As such it loses a lot of it’s punch when you spread the band out across the “sonic stage”. For the older material, the original mono mixes are hard to beat.

        But, as a retired programmer who has also had his own recording studio, I find the technology very impressive.

        • Tim Wilson says:

          No doubt the MAL technology is impressive and led to the “Now and Then” being much better than otherwise and for a very impressive “Get Back” film. However, Revolver and Rubber Soul had similar levels of instrumentation. When one compares the songs on Songtrack which has song from each, the difference is clear to me, even in stereo. I feel the White Album would have been better if the YS Songtrack method had been used and allowed more dynamic range and clarity. No need to allow “creativity” to improve the sound of things. BTW, the mono “master” provided on the deluxe remaster of the White Album was awful! Sounds like maybe they forgot to account for the RIAA equalization on the “direct” master.

  19. Dave Douglass says:

    They missed “Do You Want To Know A Secret” along with “Rain”.

  20. TW says:

    The Steve Hoffman forum is a miserable forum indeed, full of ancient American-centric know nothing boomers. That forum has a bad reputation for good reason. It’s a horrible place.

  21. William Campbell says:

    Here’s the proper cover for the Blue album.

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