Paul and Ringo with the Rolling Stones?

25. August 1967: Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger sitting a train at Euston Station, waiting for departure to Bangor. (Photo by Victor Blackman/Express/Getty Images)

US Showbiz magazine Variety writes that they have heard from multiple sources that Paul McCartney has recorded bass parts for a forthcoming Rolling Stones project, Andrew Watt producing. Ringo Starr is also slated to play on the yet-to-be-announced album.

Recording sessions took place in Los Angeles in recent weeks and, while it’s unclear which tracks will make the final cut — or whether McCartney and Starr would end up on the same song — the album’s production is nearing the mixing phase. Frontman Mick Jagger said in 2021 that the group has “a lot of tracks done,” and guitarist Keith Richards said in a New Year’s Instagram post last month that “There’s some new music on its way.”

UPDATE: Ringo’s participation has now been denied. A representative for the Stones clarified that McCartney plays bass on one new song, and that Starr has not been collaborating with the band.

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  1. William Campbell says:

    Is “I Wanna Be Your Man” going to be on the album?

  2. Timothy W says:

    Right next to “We Love You”, the Stones track that Paul and John sang on in ’67.

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