Paul’s photo of John

Paul’s portrait of John Lennon. You can spot Beatles photographer Dezo Hoffmann (hat and glasses) in the background.

Yesterday, Paul McCartney released a photo on his social media accounts. It was a photo of John in Paris, in January 1964, taken by him. However, we have seen a couple of other photos from that instant. Here’s one of Paul and George taking the photo of John with his arms streched out.

John and George both captured John posing for them. L’Arc de Triomphe in the background.

The photo adorned the front cover of the wonderful bootleg “Les Beatles A Paris”, which collected recordings from Paris concerts by The Beatles.

Les Beatles A Paris bootleg.

And this must then be George’s photo:

John by George. But John’s eyes are on Paul.

Paul’s portrait of John Lennon is one of over 250 personal photographs going on display at the National Portrait Gallery this June.

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  1. mpb says:

    in through the out arch

  2. ttyng0904 says:

    I suppose George intended to take pic of the car behid John first.

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