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According to from United Stations Radio Networks, “the powers that be” – meaning Apple Corps and Universal Music Group – have notified them to save the date September 13th for important information about the upcoming remixed “Revolver” album release from The Beatles. So that’s likely when the news will become official, the release date will be revealed and the track list is communicated alongside photos of the various constellations of the album. Late October is what the rumours indicate as a likely time frame for the release.

Meanwhile, Giles Marin has confirmed through his Twitter account on August 28 that “Revolver” is indeed forthcoming, by retweeting Variety’s news item with his comment: “I really hope you all like it… X”

The next day, he posted this photo with the comment “It’s all going a bit immersive too….”

It’s all going a bit immersive too….

Which is puzzling, as the rumoured track list we posted last week doesn’t include a Blu-ray disc capable of reproducing surround sound mixes.However, adds a Blu-ray disc to the previously rumoured five discs:

Blu-ray disc:

Dolby Atmos Mix
5.1 Mix
Possibly the mono transfer

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  1. Nick Butler says:

    It’ll be for a Dolby atmos version on Amazon and iTunes my guess. Maybe a blu ray.
    The other remixes have been done for atmos.

  2. JohnSurrey says:

    Can someone please keep Giles Martin away from a mixing desk. What he did to All Things Must Pass is appalling, and he’s messed around with the other Beatles’ albums. No doubt he’ll have done things to Revolver that The Beatles never intended.

  3. JohnSurrey says:

    Well, you could do all sorts of things to The Beatles’ music. You could, for instance, put a disco beat behind it. My point is, if all 4 Beatles wanted their music to sound a particular way, what right has anyone to change it? By the way I agree with taking all the reverb off All Things Must Pass, but I don’t like the way that makes it sound like George is in the same room as you and the rest of the band is in the next street. Just saying.

  4. Glenn says:

    I wasn’t fond of ATMP either, but that wasn’t Giles Martin’s work.

    The Beatles expected you to hear Revolver (and Sgt Pepper for that matter) in mono. Stereo wasn’t really the norm until the 1970s.

  5. debjorgo says:

    You couldn’t do much of a mix on these older four track recordings back in the ’60s. Today’s new technology should open up some doors. It’s a pity Paul is not there for the remixes. I guess the other Beatle parties might have put a nix on that, even though he was more often there for the original mixing.

  6. drp says:

    Stop Giles, you’ve screwed them up enough as it is. Just leave them alone and find something else to do.

    • William Campbell says:

      Agreed. How about high resolution downloads (or on Blu-ray) made available of all the singles, albums, and compilations (up to and including Anthology 1, 2 & 3), mono and stereo where applicable? Straight transfers only. And then throw in stereo mixes of “Love Me Do,” “P.S. I Love You,” “She Loves You,” “I’ll Get You,” and “You Know My Name (Look Up The Number).” And leave Giles out of it.

  7. Colin Fletcher says:

    Just so people are aware, the Save The Date picture you have posted is fan made and not official.

  8. Jules says:

    The leaked tracklisting may have been for the digital / streaming release, so the absence of a blu-ray would be more easily explainable.

  9. Nick Butler says:

    While I am not a fan of remixes in general it gives people the opportunity to listen to it in different ways and a lot fans do love the remixes, that’s why they’ve been successful. Totally agree with some of the comments here, but everyone likes different things in different ways. Will it replace the original mono? No never. But it’s choice and I reckon we all agree to disagree ✌️

  10. Andrey Michael says:

    As a 17 year old, I can’t wait to hear the remixed versions of all the songs especially Tomorrow Never Knows. Can’t wait to hear Rubber Soul (2023 Mix) in time for my 18th birthday 😃

  11. rgsalin says:

    Revolver was expected to be heard in mono at the time because such was the only available possibility, or at least the most popular one. If they (Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr) hadn’t wanted us to listen to Revolver (or Pepper o any other) in 5.1, Atmos or whatever trendy thing, they wouldn’t have allowed the release of those mixes, which mixes to me are in agreement with one of the ideas of The Beatles: to offer state of the art sound. Paul and Ringo are The Beatles and I am sure they, The Beatles, have of course given the green light to this new Revolver. And we should be happy to feel that The Beatles music survives technological evolution.

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