Ringo drums on new Lukather single

Ringo Starr’s All Starr Band guitarist Steve Lukather has released a new single as a teaser for his album, which is expected in 2021. The track, “Run to me” is available on streaming platforms, as well as for downloading. Ringo drums on the record, his performance was produced by Bruce Sugar. Always nice to see Ringo drumming on his own, without help from a second drummer. The song harks back to the melodic late sixties, and Lukather composed it himself, together with David Paich and Joseph Williams.
Personell:Steve Lukather, guitar and vocals, Joseph Williams, keyboards and backing vocals, John Pierce from Huey Lewis & The News on bass, and Ringo on drums.


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  1. vern gibbons says:

    Lukather composed it himself, along with two others.

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