Ringo gets back on the road

Back after a bout of COVID-19, Ringo Starr!

From Ringo: On the road again I will see you in Seattle on Tuesday the 11th Portland Wednesday I am negative peace and love everybody thanks for waiting. Ringo. 😎✌️🌟❤️🎶🌈✈️🥦☮️

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  1. Kenneth Jensen says:

    Good news 😁

  2. mg says:

    …..for the time being. Let’s see how long it is before one of these other dudes gets sick (or croaks). We should have a pool as to how many go the way of Tom Petty once the tour is over, lol. I feel bad for them, though: no royalties means touring is the last way for these geezers to make a buck. So sad. Not Ringo, but his “All Stars”; they must kiss the ground for this gig.

    • Ronnie says:

      What a messed up thing to say. Is that supposed to be cool or funny? Get a life, dude.

      • mg says:

        Well, Ronnie, he just had to cancel the tour because of CoVid, so looks like I was right (again). I think YOU need to get a life, “duuuuude”. You don’t have to sycophantic to be a Beatles fan. Everything I wrote was spot on the money, sorry you can’t take reality. Love Ringo, but give me a break. And as I just said below to another commenter: if you think what I said is “messed up”, you wouldn’t have lasted one minute with John Lennon so don’t be so thin-skinned.

    • Paul says:

      What sort of person writes stuff like that?
      Glad you are better, Ringo

      • mg says:

        …..and now he’s sick again, just as I predicted, Paul. Oh PS, you sure wouldn’t have been able to take John Lennon’s humor if you get butthurt at THAT. I’m sorry you were so triggered; don’t be so thin-skinned.

    • Tony Littman says:

      I mean… “lol” – seriously?

      • mg says:

        ….and sure enough, Tony, he’s just tested positive again. Stop being such a sycophant, for once in your life. I’m a Beatles fanatic, but these two are getting embarrassing. Paul can barely croak out a tune, Ringo is 82, rock stars are dropping left and right, what the hell is he thinking? “Love me love me?” “I need to be onstage?” I was just proven right (yet again), and you couldn’t handle the truth staring right at you. Grow up, Tony. It’s time, you know what I mean? Grow up.

  3. Hugs Ringo! Keep on beating those skins! Rory Storm Fan Club (Hungary) 🙂

  4. Rick says:

    I just found out I have COVID the day after seeing a show dedicated to John. Sow was put on by ChaChi Loprete here in Boston. Glad I went to it great show as usual.

    And real glad to hear Rings is doing better.

  5. vern gibbons says:

    Glad you’re well but please please please stop with the peace sign and peace and love line. It’s become a running joke.

  6. Gary says:

    Glad your better Tumble Starker! Take no notice of the haters!

  7. Dr-Robert says:

    I was at the show in Seattle. Ringo looked spry and healthy, and any concerns about his voice melted away 3 seconds into the first song; he sounded great. The band was tight as always, and were obviously happy to be back after a week off. These guys obviously enjoy what they are doing and the friendship is palpable.

    Highlights of the set included amazing vocals from Warren Ham and Colin Hay. Bissonette crushed it on the drums, and Luthaker is a beast on the guitar. Low points were few, but I certainly could do with less of Luthaker’s “come on, stand up, help me out with this.” before every one of his numbers. Edgar Winter was his goofy, charming self up there. He truly is at home in front of a crowd.

    One obvious missed opportunity; in I’m the Greatest, Ringo should have said “Now I’m only 82” instead of saying something about being a lot older than 32.

    Funniest part of the evening was Hamish’s brand new bass refused to work, over and over, and at one point during the tech fiddling about, he turned to the band and asked if anyone knew any jokes. It’s the unscripted vibe that endears a performer to the audience, I think. I love seeing Macca live, but he is still so scripted. Ringo was a lot looser than Paul typically is, and due to the more intimate venues he plays, he can interact with the crowd more personally. Loved that.

    Overall, a fun night. If you haven’t seen him, take the chance if you can.

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