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Lately, a couple of YouTubers have been using their skills to synchronise Beatles footage. One of them, “Doctor Robert” specialises in concert footage. These were mostly filmed by the audience with hand held 8mm or super 8mm movie cameras, and are usually silent. Synching these to concert recordings is something that has been going on for a while, and usually requires being a musician to spot which chords are being played. Here is a video which we think gives us a taste of what we thought that The Beatles Live Project was going to look like:

Instead, Apple hired director Ron Howard to finalise the project and he chucked out vast amounts of researched and painstakingly restored amateur film footage, sent in by fans or discovered by research, changed the theme of the film and brought us a much more bland and mainstream product in “Eight Days A Week”.

Some of the films submitted by fans to The Beatles Live Project.

Here’s a trailer of sorts from The Beatles, announcing “The Beatles Live Project” back in 2012 which eventually became the 2016 film “Eight Days A Week – the touring years”:

An early version of the film is rumoured to exist, with no narration or talking celebrities, just The Beatles themselves talking.

The other synchronisation project deals with January 1969. Yes, the upcoming Peter Jackson film, “Get Back” has been announced to last shorter than 90 minutes, but there is so much more in the vaults! Taking on the task of synchronising the available circulating footage to the Nagra tapes is AdamBound.

Track Listing:
1. Get Back Rehearsals 0:00​
2. Use What You Got 1:10​
3. Jamming with Yoko 1:37​
4. Get Back Rehearsals 6:14​
5. I’ll Get You 26:30​
6. Get Back Rehearsals 26:43​
7. I’ve Got A Feeling / Help! / Please Please Me 28:16​
8. Get Back Playbacks 30:34

Bonus item: George quits

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Doctor Robert’s concert films
AdamBound’s Get Back films

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  1. zp78 says:

    Both are great. Adambound might be from another youtube account, or probably just continued where the other youtube member left of. The only think frustrating is that every different source would have different cropping of image. With the new film, it shows MORE image from the sides than the so-called full screen b/w sources. Who knows how the whole screen footage would look like. Anyways a really great job in syncing the audio with the footage from both accounts. I just hope that someone who has upgraded image source would lend a hand to share.

  2. Blakey says:

    Howard’s film was just a vehicle to impress his celebrity friends. Full of Hollywood buffoons babbling their usual nonsense and copious ego stroking. At least when Led Zeppelin did their DVD project, Jimmy Page and Dick Carruthers used fan filmed footage and edited it into the official films that they had. The way Howard treated Beatles fans and their memories with such contempt and replacing their footage with fake showbiz clowns and Hollywood luvvies shows that he can’t be as big a fan as he says he is. You don’t chuck away rare Beatles footage. Not ever.

    With any luck, it seems that Sir Peter Jackson knows what he is doing. And his film will be much more exciting and Interesting for us Fabs fans.

    • Robert says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Hollywood is a bubble and the opinions of celebrities wasn’t supposed to be the topic of the film. It was concert footage, concert footage, concert footage. I would have preferred 5 minutes of rusty footage from a Chicago concert to the celebrity waffles of countless celebrities. They are not relevant.

  3. AdamBound says:

    Hi I’m Adam, thanks for the shout-out! I am not the same guy as Doc Robert but I love what he is doing as well. Glad you all enjoy the Get Back footage!

  4. Robert says:

    If only Ron Howard used the 2 minute multi-clip of Twist and Shout above and others like it instead of making a film ostensibly on the Beatles in CONCERT instead about the favorite story of the elite- racism. The film was about how the Beatles combat racism, etc, etc, etc. That is fine if the film was called “Beatles – moral guardians of the world who refused to tour South Africa and show you little mid-class people your moral failings and how inferior you are.” But that premise still doesn’t show concert footage and it was deceptive advertising. My guess is Peter Jackson is going to make another “Hollywood” themed movie, with everything tied in a bow.

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