The Decca tape went for £62 500

Half the Decca audition tape

Of course, mainstream media are all reporting about the most expensive item from the Beatles auction by Sotheby’s which finished yesterday. John Lennon forgot a pair of round sunglasses in a car, and they went for £137,500 (USD 183 218) – a tad more than the estimated £6-8,000 the auction house expected.

But we are more interested in the music, and a tape which once belonged to Brian Epstein and consisted of half of the Decca audition session was sold for £62 500 (USD 83 281).

A 1959 Hofner President ‘thinline’ semi-acoustic guitar, owned by George Harrison and given to Alan Herring seems to not have attracted high enough bids.

You can check out all the auction results here.

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  1. Debjorgo says:

    It looks like my old copy of the White Album before it went missing.

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