Flaming Pie for July

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  1. Classic 909 says:

    Wait….no LP version?????

  2. wogew says:

    There is just no info about it, all that was leaked was the info about the deluxe. LP is very likely to happen.

  3. wardo says:

    Still getting my head around the idea of purchasing a McCartney Archive Collection CD release of an album I first owned, from release date, on CD.

  4. Damian Gularte says:

    Amazing news!!!!
    i adore the Flaming Pie album

  5. Bill Sullivan says:

    My original cd purchased at best buy 2 weeks after release had a black guitar pick with gold lettering Paul McCartney on one side and a gold flaming pie on the other. That was an amazing moment upon opening the CD for its 1st listen. Also the year my Father passed 1997

  6. Big Eddie Freeze says:

    Where is London Town and Back To The Egg?

  7. Unknown says:

    Awesome! Love this album, will definately buy the deluxe version!

  8. Nick Peronace Dressage Fans says:

    My favorite McCartney album! I was 17 and felt he wrote Young Boy just for me.

  9. Gabor Peterdi says:

    Hm… I was expecting London and Egg. Flaming is better than those, but sonically the 1997 CD is OK and I have the DVD and the Oobu CD as well….. anyway… Bring them on.

  10. wogew says:

    Rumour mill still says BTTE and LT for December 2020.

  11. Ltfabfour says:

    I have a dagger that was owned in 1967 by John and it has what looks like the Flaming pie scraped into the blade in several locations. When I bought it everyone who saw it thought it definitely was the flaming pie.

  12. pahauteans says:

    In Paul's May newsletter, "What's That You're Doing", he closes with the following:
    "See you next month, where we’ll be revealing something we’ve been quietly cooking up."

    Could he be "cooking up" a Flaming Pie?

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