The Norwegian Beatles logo

“She Loves You” with Nilsen’s Beatles logo.

Sten Nilsen (born 21 June 1921 in Fredrikstad, died 28 March 1994) was a Norwegian illustrator, artist (drawings), song composer and recording artist. One of his designs was “The Beatles” logo which was used on the Norwegian releases of the singles “She Loves You” and “Can’t Buy Me Love”. Most likely, he also drew the beetle on the “Can’t Buy Me Love” cover depicted below.

“Can’t Buy Me Love”, Norwegian single release with Nilsen’s Beatles logo

The “Can’t Buy Me Love” single cover was one of the singles depicted on the poster that accompanied the release of the vinyl album “1” in 2000.

The rise to fame, the “Can’t Buy Me Love” single with Nilsen’s logo appeared in third row from the top of the “1” poster in 2000.

After the use of the Norwegian cover for this poster, Apple Corps Ltd licensed both the cover and logo to various products.

A mug decorated with the Norwegian “Can’t Buy Me Love” cover design.

A package containing a die-cast car, a t-shirt and a wall plaque, all based on the Norwegian “Can’t Buy Me Love” single cover design.

Sten Nilsen’s Beatles logo is now spread all over the world, and is used by itself – not in conjunction with the single cover. First it started to appear on t-shirts.

We found the red t-shirt in 2015 in the Brazilian official Beatles store, and the blue one in the U.S. official Beatles store in 2017 (now only available from here).

Today, the official Beatles store has launched a red pajama set, a holiday gift wrapping paper and a gift sticker with Nilsen’s logo.

Today’s releases have more stars added to Nilsen’s original logo design. U.S. link to purchase.

Gift wrapping paper

To and From gift sticker with Nilsen’s logo on some Norwegian Wood.


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  1. Secret Monkey Jefferson says:

    Thanks for finding these. It’s sort of a refreshing look after being so accustomed to the dropped T (marvelous in its own right) logo. Definitely has a late 50’s / early 60’s vibe. I also noticed how John has a more pronounced combed to the side hair style rather than straight down bangs in that promo shot.

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