The Revolver cover

Photo: @maxi4mann

Klaus Voormann has received his copy of the upcoming “Revolver” boxed set, and is happy that the label logo (Parlophone, Capitol, Odeon, depending on country of origin) and the album title are not present on the outer box art.
Here’s what he wrote on Instagram:


It moves me very much to see that for the very first time, the original final artwork is shown on the boxset cover of the Revolver Super Deluxe set the way I drew it 1966, without lettering and logo. My fee back in these days amounted 50 British pounds.
That launch brings back many beautiful memories as well as some painful ones. This includes that till today, I still do not know what happened to my original artwork. Supposedly, it disappeared without a trace.
Listen folks!
Wherever you might see it hanging or watching somebody passing your way while carrying it under the arm – let me know.

Love + Peace + Health

Meanwhile, over on YouTube, Parlogram Auctions have made a video to show where the various photos on the collage came from.

Swimming costume source

Hamburg photo, source of the upper left corner photo of the Revolver collage.

The latter two photos submitted to the blog by Stephen McGowan.

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  1. mg says:

    Fantastic to see the original artwork without the lettering. (That said: the “Revolver” font is iconic (to employ that overused word!). I didn’t realize how iconic until I saw this cover without it! It really makes the difference “feeling” the original artwork. So happy for Klaus. The original Beatlefan, and an amazing eyewitness and participant to history. (And what a frickin’ bass player).

  2. Danny Jones says:

    terrific artwork but can never understand why he left the bottom left hand side “blank” – always needled my little bit of OCD!

  3. Ted Pastuszak Jr says:

    Just wondering if there is any chance (whether in this upcoming package or elsewhere) where we can see Klaus’s original submission for the cover that included photos of Paul on the toilet and Brian Epstein wearing a chamber pot for a hat that was later edited out. An illustration of these elements appear in Klaus’s Revolver book from a few years ago. But I’d very much like to see the unedited cover art after all these years!

    • admin says:

      Well, I think both these photos are actually from Paris, Paul on the toilet is from the hitch-hiking trip with John in October 1961 and Brian is from when they were celebrating going to no. 1 in the USA while they were in Paris in January 1964. But you’re right, it would be cool to see them in place on the cover.

  4. Ian Mooe says:

    I think I read somewhere that the original artwork is by Joe Walsh, Ringo’s brother-in-law!

  5. Charles_I says:

    I thought it was common knowledge that Joe Walsh has the original artwork, and that Klaus is aware of it.

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