Revolver – What’s new?

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  1. Brian Hunt says:

    A great review, as always; sadly, the very short CDs (to stop vinyl fans from moaning) and the lack of a 5.1 mix on Blu-Ray make this an inessential purchase – at least until the inevitable price drop after Christmas…

  2. olivernutherwun says:

    Great review. That waste of space where the EP is would easily fit a blu ray…..(but then the entire set could fit on one blu ray – as any XTC fan can tell you!)

  3. Ronald says:

    In the 90s, all three Anthology releases were triple LPs and double CDs. Why can’t they do that now?

  4. mg says:

    They removed the amp hum from the Taxman intro???!! What the…….?!!!!!

  5. Dave says:

    Aren’t there 4 songs on the EP? Why are only 2 mentioned?

  6. TW says:

    How is the quality of the mono sound on this release? Any noticeable sonic improvement from 2009 mixes?

  7. James Peet says:

    I think we’re quite a hard bunch to please with these releases. I’m going to treat it like I have done with the other new mix packages. Namely, to listen out for new sounds and enjoy that. What we want the album to sound like, and what they can do are probably two different things. The best of the Beatles is already out there with the original discography. This time next week, I’ll know for myself what is what. Enjoy!

  8. rondordrecht says:

    slightly disappointed that the spoken intro of Yellow Submarine is still the same as on the Real Love CD single, why not the full 31 seconds instead of only 14??

  9. Fiendish Thingy says:

    Looks like another continuation in the tradition of Two CD’s Worth Of Music For The Price of Five…

  10. Dave says:

    How on earth did this leak so early? I’ve heard rumours that it was someone on the Steve Hoffman forums?

    • Brian from Canada says:

      Leak to the Internet or have this story leak? If it’s this story, then it’s likely that Universal knows some reviews get published before the release and allow it – plus this is for dedicated Beatles fans only.

      If it’s the album/box set online for downloading, then big jeers to the person who did that because the Abbey Road track leak led to making it harder to get information about Beatles releases due to fears of leaking. It’s also possible that, instead of being from the Hoffman boards, it’s someone who has access to digital editions for uploading/has found the files on streaming networks, because the Beatles are not the only ones to have upcoming releases already posted around apparently.

  11. David A Earley says:

    It will be a great addition. I love these sets. I would have liked a Blu-ray DVD like the other sets but oh well. I kind of understand why they do the small EP CD, keeps the released singles stuff separate from the other stuff. I buy this stuff more for the collector in me than the music itself anyway. I really do like the outtakes though.

  12. RICHARD OWEN says:

    I do believe that the reply vocal “a life of ease, etc.” on “Yellow Submarine” is Paul and not John.

  13. Andre says:

    Revolver original vinyl sounds much better..what a waste of money..

  14. Blakey says:

    We are just lucky to get these reissues. If Paul hadn’t opposed Klein (and the ‘other three’), ABKCO could have owned and controlled all this stuff. And, as Beatles fans, we are so blessed compared to Stones fans (I am both). I doubt any of us first generation Stones fans will ever see any rarities or deluxe reissues like the Beatles sets of recent years. As Paul himself pointed out, there’d have been no Anthology, no 1+. And the same applies to the Giles produced reissues and the Get Back series. A deluxe Beatles box set – of any kind – is better than none at all.

    • Danny Jones says:

      If we had had the exact same content but over less CD’s at less of a cost, then i believe most people would be happy. It’s not the content thats the “main” gripe, its the rip off deal they are giving people

      • David says:

        I’d appreciate more cds. No one is forcing anybody to buy it. You can get it all on Spotify or another music provider.

        • Danny Jones says:

          nobody is ever forced to buy anything (necessities aside). That’s got nothing to do with having an opinion on whether or not something is value for money. If you don’t try and hold people to account then they just rip you off.

          • olivernutherwun says:

            Good point Danny. Fans (of anything not just the Beatles) should be the last people defending marketeers ripping them off – devoted fans have no issue being sold good product (as everyone here has, no doubt, demonstrated many many times) – and as long as good product is provided the cash keeps coming in and everyone is happy. Burn fans too many times with poor value product (and we all need to say out loud (good as the material on it is) the Super Deluxe Revolver set is an over-priced ripoff) – and the golden goose gets cooked – and then everyone loses.
            The irony is that (back in the day) the Beatles (on record) provided great value for money – 14 songs (when most albums were 12), singles and albums didn’t repeat each other etc – whereas now there are few legacy groups more mercenary than the Beatles factory (Janie H perhaps?).

          • David says:

            Well I see your point. Maybe if I had collected everything Beatle under the sun then I would be disappointed in this set. But for me, it sounds great. Some songs sound better to me. Maybe in reality they aren’t but I’m living in my reality. I’m glad I bought it. It’s been known for a while what was in it, so people could have cancelled.

  15. TW says:

    It seems like there was come creativity in the mixing being done in this release as the above story relates but that was also true way back when the first stereo mixes were released. I always remember John’s statement that if you really want to know what sound the Beatles wanted, listen to the mono mixes; they never bothered with the stereo mixes until Abbey Road. Having said that, is it possible to remix the mono sound from the original source tapes to have a clearer mono sound with more dynamic range and definition?

    • nateboy2 says:

      I wonder that, myself. I assume there would be severe phasing issues, since the multitracks have each track captured separately.

    • William Campbell says:

      Giles Martin isn’t interested in dynamic range and sonic detail. He isn’t qualified to be anywhere near Beatle recordings. The mastering of this set is all over the map. Abrupt fades, brick walling, jarring sounds appearing and disappearing. And he’s probably using Beats earbuds with an Apple computer. He is in WAY over his head. There are easily thousands of more qualified people that could do a much better job. The only reason he got it was that his last name was Martin.

      • TW says:

        I have to agree somewhat with your point of view. “All over the map” describes my experience with the White album. Although my ears are older these days, on the White Album remixes I found (at times) on different tracks a mix of clear and delightful improvement, regression (some instruments and vocals pushed down in prominence) and a lack of understanding on my part how on how some tracks were addressed in the name of sonic improvement. I thought that I heard some phase shifting on some tracks….almost as if there was a tape head misalignment or tape degradation in some quadrants of the reel during the remixing…

        • olivernutherwun says:

          I have no problem with the Giles Martin remixes – they’re all good – but it’s only the stereo Sgt Pepper that’s an improvement on its predecessor – all the others are different…but equal to their predecessors. So there’s something else that should have been in the ‘deluxe’ set – the original album in stereo/mono on one disc (like the US album re-releases were), along with ‘Yesterday and Today’ (with its different mixes of three Revolver tracks). Plus (of course) that %$#$# missing blu ray! So many missed opportunities. I’d love to know who put the set we finally got together and how they made their decisions. Because no one I’ve spoken to (or read online) can make any sense of it.

          • Ronald says:

            If the box set had included Yesterday and Today and the American version of Revolver, I think they should have had the Butcher cover, rather than Klaus’s masterpiece.

  16. Mike says:

    The love you to with George on acoustic def isn’t acoustic guitar.its an electric played in unplugged

    • Dr. Pepper says:

      It sounds like an (unmiked) acoustic guitar to me, bleeding from the vocal microphone placed near Georges mouth.

  17. Oh Pete says:

    Take 15 of “she Said, She Said” is interesting. Paul has said he doesn’t remember playing on the track after a possible “row”, but there he is, counting it off on this version.

  18. David A Earley says:

    Haven’t got my box set yet, being delivered. But listening on Spotify, I’m really loving the mix. There was a few songs on here I wasn’t a big fan of like She said she said and Dr. Robert and they have really improved them in a way that I like them a lot now. Of course maybe since they weren’t in my rotation, they just feel better. Haven’t gotten to listen to all the other but I’m really liking it so far. Maybe even more than the other sets. Definitely worth my money anyway.

  19. Andrew French says:

    Just can’t understand why the original speed rain mix has the overdubbed bass part on it. Listening to it you can clearly hear this was recorded after the tape was slowed down so the bass is now sped up and it just sounds ridiculous.

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