Video promo for the Get Back Book

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  1. Alf says:

    I wonder if John Kosh will get a credit at all in this book? It seems very much based on the look of the book that came with the original Let It Be box.

  2. Tony Littman says:

    The only thing that would persuade me to buy this is if the photos DID come to life, like in the video (and like in Harry Potter). It looks just like the Let It Be book which I’ve had for 50 years so…
    But promoting a book that is not being released for another YEAR? What on Earth are they thinking? It’s ludicrous. It feels like they are trying to whip up the same sort of anticipation that surrounded the release of Free As A Bird, which was hyped up for more than a year, if I recall.

  3. Alf says:

    Is there anything different about the version of get back used on the soundtrack to this video? Sounds a little different to me perhaps?

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