Exit Q

Our favourite Q cover

British music magazine Q folds, their last issue was the August issue, which hit the streets July 28th, 2020. The magazine folds due to the decline in the paper magazine business, and the process was speeded up due to the current pandemic.

The magazine, which had its first issue out in October 1986, used to be quite a good read, with informed music journalists interviewing musicians and artists, reviewing records and concerts etc. Sadly, the quality the magazine had in the 80’s and 90’s was never equalled in the later years. Their competitor, Mojo magazine aimed at the same audience and became the chosen publication for many.

Still, Q had its moments, and for us Beatles fans, the reunited surviving Beatles graced our favourite front cover of the magazine. Here’s a look at the various Beatle-related Q front covers:

  • The first issue of Q had Paul McCartney on the cover

Enter GQ

GQ magazine, September issue

In the latest issue of another British magazine with a similar name, there is an interesting interview with cover boy Paul McCartney, from his home in Sussex, England. The interview is also freely available for you to read online, here’s a link to that interview, and here’s a link to Mary McCartney’s interview about what it’s like to take pictures of daddy.

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  1. Blakey says:

    Q was great in the late 80s and early 90s. Although I was always a Vox man myself (remember that?).
    In later years Q attempted to be like a serious Smash Hits (without the legendary 80s pop magazine’s charm wit and humour) and it backfired.

    Still, there’s Shindig and also the Rubber Soul issue of MOJO out tomorrow.

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