Abbey Road – What’s new?

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  1. Ruedabeat says:

    Great article. A quick reading not in detail 'till I got my package in home.

  2. Ruedabeat says:

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  3. Westfield says:

    I love that photo. I had always wondered why that second photo session on the stairwell of emi never had any alternative shots. The 63 sessions had lots of them.

  4. wogew says:

    @Westfield, there are a few, actually – including different clothes, as the photos were taken on two different sessions. See our blog post The Two Get Back Photo sessions.

  5. MichaelG says:

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  6. MichaelG says:

    I'm speculating but I'm not sure that the photograph of the Beatles at the top of this article IS by Angus McBean. I think it's a photograph of the Beatles being photographed by McBean (who they are all looking at). Most likely the photographer was Mal Evans.

  7. Unknown says:

    Hate breakdowns but overall excited

  8. piper909 says:

    The Salon has a new review up today:

  9. Justin says:

    The Anthology and 2019 versions of Maxwell’s Silver Hammer both have a little segment of impromptu whistling

    • Justin says:

      Oops I meant impromptu ad-libbing, the bing-bang-shomp-a-dew bit. One or both of the takes therefore had a pit flown in.

      Might a kind moderator combine these two messages?

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