Christmas boxed set sold out already?

Update: From what we have experienced, it looks like there are plenty of these boxes in USA but supplies in Europe have been insufficient. Record stores are reporting that they have only been alotted half the quantites they ordered of these boxes. And Amazon UK is sold out again.

The HMV Store: Sold out!
The Beatles Store: Sorry sold out!.

The official Beatles store in Europe displays a “Sold out” message, and the set hasn’t even been released yet. The HMV store also says “sold out”. Over at Amazon UK and US the set has been unavailable for some time, but it’s been activated again. So perhaps a new run has been pressed? At the US Beatles store, it seems to be available as well. As late as yesterday, the Beatles tweeted an ad for the upcoming set.

Also the largest online record store in our native Norway displays a message that the item is no longer available to order.

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  1. Lee Beddow says:

    Available for £68.28 for Amazon UK currently for Friday's release which includes free UK delivery

  2. djJohnny says:

    Just get the cheaper Yellow Dog remaster release from the 90's.. The only version anyone needs and sounds GREAT.No one needs this.

  3. wogew says:

    No longer available from Amazon in the UK

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