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Clipping from French newspaper.

This photo of a somewhat crosseyed George Harrison taking a selfie with Paul McCartney showed up in one of the Beatles related Facebook groups I belong to. The caption mentions British newspaper The Sun as originating source. However, I can’t find this photo in the famous October 3, 1995 issue, which broke the reunion story with the first picture of the three of them together since Ringo’s wedding in 1981.

Newspaper “The Sun” published the first reunion photo.

The photos were taken by photographer Tom Hanley at the Apple Office in London on March 31, 1995. Inside this newspaper is another photo from that same roll of film:

The headline parodies “We’ll Meet Again” of Vera Lynn fame.

Most other press photos of Paul, George and Ringo together, taken in conjunction with the Beatles Anthology project were taken by Linda McCartney.

Here’s a photoshop enhanced version of the funny one at the top of this story:

Is this a movie camera George is holding?

Both George and Ringo posed with these these cameras at the photo session.

Another photo from this occasion.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Yes this is a video camera. One can see George filming the proceedings in the Real Love video (and some of his footage is used as well!)

  2. Darren says:

    I also recognize George's camera as a video camera. My sister had a model very similar.

  3. LetEmOut says:

    He's using a Sharp Viewcam, it was big in the mid-90s (Sponsors of Manchester United for a while.)
    I think it was the first video camera with the ability to shoot from and back (the screen flipped around.)

  4. Popper says:

    On a side note, why does Paul repeatedly pull that face, with his mouth in an "o" shape, when he's having his photo taken (as per the front cober of the newspaper)?

  5. ВітійМк says:

    This photo appeared in French "Le Martin" newspaper on November 06, 1995.

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