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TMOQ Gazette #24

This has already been published by Steve Marinucci over at the Beatles News Insider (congrats with the new job at Billboard, Steve!), but we thought we should publish it here as well, considering that we’ve kept you updated in the past about bootleg releases from HMC. The next edition of their TMOQ Gazette will be a companion to their (somewhat cropped) DVD+CD release of the stereo Ron Furmanek restoration of “Let It Be” (see review). The “Let It Be” Gazette was no. 23 and this one is no. 24, but in between the company released Gazette no. 25, which had the Beatles 1966 concerts in Tokyo (previously reported by us here).



Complete Outtake Sessions

Brother Malcolm version of «Let It Be» 2 full takes in colour (Jan 31)

Two Of Us Rehearsal Session

(With medley that also includes «Hey Good Lookin’», «Take This Hammer», «Five Foot High & Rising», «Bear Cat Mama», «Run For Your Life», «Friendship», «Step Inside Love» and «Let It Be» (Jan 31).

For You Blue Brand New Re-edit

«For You Blue» – newly re-cut with new arrival footage from another day.

Newly discovered sound outtake snippets

«I Me Mine» (Jan 8)

«Don’t Let Me Down» (Jan 22)

«Two of Us» (Jan 22)

Paul and Heather (Jan 26)

«Besame Mucho» (Jan 29)

I Told You Before (Jan 27)

«Three Cool Cats» (Jan 29)

«Let It Be», tk 27a (Jan 31)

«Two Of Us» (Jan 31)

Newly discovered silent outtake snippets

After John’s «Charles Hawtry» speech

After Paul’s «Maharishi» story

Paul singing at the piano

From The Long & Winding Road special

Yoko’s bit (upgrade)

«You Win Again» (upgrade)

Trailers, etc

Original movie trailer – theatrical version

Original movie trailer – TV version

Original slate from the 1992 restoration

Ed Sullivan’s «The Beatles Songbook» (Feb 25, 1970)

«Don’t Let Me Down» – from Imagine 1988 workprint

Let It Be… Naked promotion

April trailers

Japanese TV commercial

Let It Be…Naked medley

November 17 texted trailer

November 17 textless trailer


2013 iTunes trailer


The promos

«Don’t Let Me Down» 1970

«Get Back» 1970

«Let It Be» 1970

«Two Of Us» 1970

«Don’t Let Me Down» 1992

«Get Back» 1992

«I Me Mine» 1992

«For You Blue» 1996

«Let It Be» 1996

«Two Of Us» 1996

«Get Back» 2000

«Let It Be» 2000

«Don’t Let Me Down» #1 2003

«Don’t Let Me Down» #2 2003

«Get Back» #1 2003

«Get Back» #2 2003

«Let It Be» 2003

«Two Of Us» (animated) 2003

«One After 909» 2009

«Don’t Let Me Down» 2015

«The Long and Winding Road» 2015

HQ video with native audio re-dubbed

«Let It Be»

«Two of Us»

Other promotional films utilizing Get Back/Let It Be footage

«Old Brown Shoe» 2007

«Old Brown Shoe» dissolving version

«The Ballad of John and Yoko» 1969 (cencored)

«The Ballad of John and Yoko» 2000

We have to stress though, that we have no idea about where to get these black market releases, so please don’t write to enquire.

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