Film premiere – live broadcast and amateur footage

Ringo og Paul på filmpremieren.

Here are a few clips from the movie premiere of “Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years” in London yesterday.

It was a blue carpet event.

Ringo and Paul interviewed by the BBC at the premiere.

Live-broadcast from the premiere.

It appears Paul McCartney was wearing the same jacket as he wore at the “A Hard Day’s Night” premiere.

Paul at the A Hard Day’s Night premiere in 1964.

Richard Porter reports that the remastered, re-edited and remixed “Shea Stadium” film was not shown at the gala premiere of the film. It was shown elsewhere, though.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Not a lot of unseen footage really here.
    Some live footage had sound replaced from other sources.
    My biggest disappointment was the Shea stadium concert, being 2 songs audio replaced Twist And Shout FROM THE STUDIO RECORDING REALLY!!
    Even Help! sounded like it was sourced from the Blackpool night out version here.
    If this gets an official release without the possibility of having the original or possibly the 1966 sweetened overdubbed version, it will be an even bigger disappointment.

  2. Foxx says:

    Aargh. The best band in the world, ever, but why do they keep messing things up. I'd love to see Shea again (it's been years for me) , and the sweetened 1966 version is ok, 'cause that's sort of the release they OK'ed at the time. I read that THAT version had Act Naturally from the studio recording, as well. But Twist and Shout from studio recording? Please no! Mark Lewisohn writes (Beatles Chronicle 5 jan 1966) that Twist and Shout was a mix of Shea and Hollywoood Bowl 1965. Let's hope, pray, shout out that they do it right on dvd/blu ray.

  3. James Peet says:

    Hi Foxx! You're correct about Act Naturally. It was a an awful decision.

    I've got misgivings too about the film being so America-based. So much for being a Scouse band. In q00 years time, it will be in the history books that they WERE American!

  4. Unknown says:

    Act Naturally was much better – not the awful edit of the original studio version (which was so obvious and just embarrassing). However, it sounded to me as if some of the studio version's lead guitar work had been 'flown-in' to the mix. And yes – Twist and Shout was odd; while I'm certain it started out live – there was a moment when my ears 'pricked up' and thought – wait – isn't that now the studio vocal?…

  5. Unknown says:

    The Shea footage on the end was OK but there was some blatant obvious editing including – STUDIO version of Twist and Shout, Blackpool 65 versions of Act Naturally & Help! and George playing his Gretsch guitar on A Hard Days Night when infact he should have been playing his 12 string Rickenbacker, also still a shame that NO footage has ever been found (unedited or from any of the crowd who had a home video camera that night) of the two missings songs (She's a Woman & Everybodys Trying to be my Baby), oh well maybe one day!!

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