Flaming Pie pack shot published

HMV store has revealed a pack shot of the upcoming deluxe edition of Paul McCartney’s next archival release, «Flaming Pie», which is due out July 24.

It’s a 5CD + 2 DVD boxed set, with the usual printed matters. The track list has yet to be released.

Also listed is a 2CD, a 2LP and a 3LP ltd ed boxed set.

Link: HMV: Flaming Pie DeLuxe

Due to being published a bit prematurely, the relevant pages at HMV have now been removed.

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  1. Unknown says:


  2. ciuzo85 says:

    Official announcement next week

  3. Peter C says:

    It's the 'Back To The Egg' box that I'm waiting for, particularly if it includes a DVD of the uncut 'Concert For Kampuchea'!

  4. Unknown says:

    I am excited for this, but I hope Back To The Egg is next. That's my favourite Wing/Paul album

  5. Damián Gularte says:

    Amazing, i love "Flaming pie", thats great news!, looking forward for this release

  6. Darren says:

    I wish he'd just release the entirety of Oobu Jubu. I enjoyed that series a lot. I wish some of the rare tracks would be there in full, and not segued into another version or another track, however. But, that's just me!

    I, too, am waiting for Back To The Egg. I highly doubt we'll see a Kampuchea release. It'll include the Military Desert film, though. I've only got that on a multi-dub vhs version somewhere.

    London Town is the lesser of all these. I like the album tracks a lot. But the radio singles I'm tired of and will skip them even now!

  7. Debjorgo says:

    I'm not sure I need all of Oobu Joobu but I would like to have the songs. I cut them out using an editing tool I have but they are still chopped up at the beginning and end.

    I like Back to the Egg better than London Town but I still like London Town quite a bit. The only song that got any radio play where I live is With a Little Luck and it still sounds pretty tasty.

    Kampuchea would be great to have, both the video and the music. Paul blows everybody away in my opinion.

  8. JOSERENATOC says:

    I love this…… album!!!!

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