Intertel promo collection from HMC

Upcoming: TMOQ Gazette #26

Just posted over at is news about an upcoming release from those naughty bootleggers, HMC. It’s a new issue in their popular TMOQ Gazette series, this time focusing on the Beatles’ promotional films involving the video production company Intertel.

Collectors Music Reviews’ description: “A collection of the videos that were recorded between 1965 / 1966 to promote the Beatles as they reached new audiences (And wound down their touring!) This is a collection of various versions of the films and recording footage for ‘I Feel Fine’, ‘Ticket To Ride’, ‘Day Tripper, ‘We Can Work It Out, ‘Help’, ‘Paperback Writer’ and ‘Rain’, all from the best footage that the label can find with ‘native’ audio and remastered audio”.

The back of the folder, holding the discs.

In side-by-side comparisons, it has recently come to light that the versions of the Chiswick House videos used on the official “1” and “1+” collection have been subject to edits we didn’t notice the first time around. For “Paperback Writer” some footage is missing, whereas “Rain” adds a shot of some clouds, and a quick shot of George leaning over a branch. On this collection, these videos should be as they were, and a non-circulating take of “Paperback Writer” is also included.

We also hear that all the promos are from new sources, and some of the slates on these are much longer (for all those slate lovers out there).

As with most HMC releases, they pay collectors for the material, so they need to recoup costs and have money left over to produce the next DVD.

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