Magical Mystery Tour anniversary on bootlegs

Upcoming 2DVD from HMC

The 50th anniversary for The Beatles TV-movie, “Magical Mystery Tour” is fast approaching. With no official word, it looks like The Beatles and Apple are going to bypass this anniversary. A couple of notorious bootleggers are coming to the rescue, as both HMS and Misterclaudel have been touting their hommages to the film. HMC promises 40 minutes of hitherto unseen outtakes on DVD 1 and a fan made edit of the film on DVD 2.

The HMC 2DVD folder.

Misterclaudel, on the other hand, will be releasing the 2012 BBC documentary, plus some of Paul and Mal Evans’ home movies. Also some of the material which was used to promote the film when it was reissued for DVD and Blu-ray in 2012, but which didn’t make it to disc back then.

Disc One: Outtakes & Discs Two: The Documentary.

Misterclaudel’s release, also 2DVDs.

You may read a bit more (auto-translated from Japanese) about the Misterclaudel release on this site.

Back of the Misterclaudel release.

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  1. Mary says:

    Your review doesn't expand on Misterclaudel's DVD 1 which is full of film outtakes! many never before seen, that title was released a few weeks ago, hope you can review it and it's simply great! It has longer outtakes that could look take from the official Box Set but they are not, they are different and longer which surprised me, like Nat's Dream, it has additional footage not on the official box set DVD/Blu Ray, same with Fool on the Hill and Walrus for example; On the other hand, the HMC will include more incredible outtakes, some great ones and some similar or same as Misterclaudel but that title will be out until a month or so, so I haven't seen it in full.
    The second DVD on Misterclaudel is just the BBC TV Special which has more or different outtakes from the ones released on the Box Set, plus longer interviews with Ringo and Paul. Regarding HMC adding a "fan made edit"?, that's a cheap way to fill a DVD and I think that edit was already available before on bootleg DVD-R world but for 40 minute of more outtakes is worth to have!
    Track list for Misterclaudel's thanks to the link you provide, the second DVD has a lot of talking, the real deal is DVD 1 in my opinion.
    11 September 1967, London
    Bus Departure

    12 September 1967 Plymouth
    Home Movies
    South West at Six Behind the Scenes

    13 September 1967, Porth & Newquay
    Watergate Bay Deleted scenes and home movies
    Nat’s Dream Home Movies
    Nat’s Dream Unedited deleted scene
    Ringo and Jessie Scene 21A Take 1 & 2
    Ringo and Jessie Scene 22A Take 1 & 2

    14 September 1967, Newquay
    On The Bus Outtakes
    On the field Outtakes
    Atlantic Hotel Deleted Dinning Scene
    Atlantic Hotel Jessie on Drums

    15 September 1967, Newquay & Taunton
    Crew and Actors
    Beatles on top of the bus Outtakes
    John and Nicola Outtakes
    Fish and Chips Outtakes
    Fish and Chips Deleted Scene
    Bus Singalong Take 8
    Bus Singalong Take 9
    Bus Singalong Take 10

    18 September 1967, Walker’s Court, London
    Janice The Stripper/Death Cab For Cutie

    19 – 21 September 1967, West Malling Air Station
    Tent theatre outtake
    Jessie’s Dream
    Blue Jay Way

    22 September 1967, High Street, West Malling
    Ringo Buys Tickets

    23 September 1967, West Malling Air Station
    The Marathon
    Victor Spinetti outtakes
    I Am The Walrus outtakes sequence #1
    I Am The Walrus outtakes sequence #2
    I Am The Walrus outtakes mix
    I Am The Walrus Film vs Anthology Multi View

    24 September 1967, West Malling Air Station
    Ivor Cutler deleted scene
    Traffic deleted scene
    Your Mother Should Know Rehearsal
    Your Mother Should Know outtakes #1
    Your Mother Should Know outtakes #2
    End of the film sequence

    30 October 1967, Nice, France
    Fool On The Hill #1
    Fool On The Hill Film vs Outtake Multi View

    31 October 1967, Nice, France
    Fool On The Hill #2

    3 November 1967,Weybridge, Surrey
    Blue Jay Way additional scenes

    21 November 1967, EDITING ROOM, London
    Norman’s Film Production

  2. McCracken says:

    Where could one find this for purchase?

  3. Sergol999 says:

    Same thing. Would love to get a copy.

  4. McCracken says:

    Save the money – this is great 'Magical Mystery Tour memories'

  5. Unknown says:

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  6. Unknown says:

    I have seen the MC disc and the trailer for the HMC title.

    The MC disc does not have any material that has not been available before. The sources include Anthology, Arena, the MMT Blu-ray, and several older bootleg (and in some cases, YouTube) sources. MC has put these into chronological order.

    The HMC disc two is also made from the same sources, but rather than putting them in chronological order, they have been placed in film order so that it is one long cohesive piece.

    The HMC disc one is mainly composed of all NEW MATERIAL that is not part of the MC release.

    A sample of the previously unseen footage on the HMC release can be seen in the trailer, which you can see here, courtesy of Collectors Music Reviews:

  7. Mary says:

    Thank you HMC for promoting your titles here, wonderful (you have only seen the two trailers of the HMC (which last less than 2 minutes) and you KNOW that all DVD1 of HMC is new and full of outtakes and the exact contents of DVD 2? haha, cool. I think both releases are worth to get according to what we have seen so far. So, both labels have a great DVD 1 and a lowdown DVD 2..

  8. Unknown says:

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  9. Unknown says:

    You're welcome misterclaudel! 🙂 (just kidding).

    I’m not HMC. I'm just a fan who is very in-tune with what Magical Mystery Tour outtakes have been made available to the public, either via commercial products, previous bootlegs, or Internet sources.

    As stated, I have seen the entire MC title (both discs) and it’s a compilation of ALL readily available material. Nothing new. And since MC’s DVD 2 is the Arena special, there is plenty of duplication on the two discs of their title as well.

    Some people may find value in the MC title, especially the way that Disc 1 is in chronological order, and the "Arena" special is great to have on a silver disc, but I would not compare the HMC to the MC, based on the HMC trailers and artwork that have been released.

    The trailers for the HMC release contain mostly previously unseen material and they specifically state that the first volume alone contains over 40 minutes of unseen material. If they come thru with their promise, which I have no reason to doubt based on their previous releases of unreleased footage, then we will get to see 40 minutes of NEW footage, which in 2017 is incredible.

    I guess we will know for sure in a month or so.

  10. Mary says:

    Nopy Sir, no connection but I do collect unofficial releases from YD (now you HMC) and the important releases from other labels and I think all deserves respect.
    We all win with 3 releases from two labels with new and unseen stuff and also chronological as you’ve stated, plus not only placing the clips in chronological order but also MC has the clips in the right sequence, it’s not just copying a clip from a source, yesterday after reading your comments I was checking again the MC title and is clearly NOT a ‘copy of paste’ release as you've stated, it’s a compilation of the available outtakes to date from many sources but very well edited together in the right sequences not seen before! (HMC will have even more minutes of new ones which is simply fantastic!) I’m thrilled with the Fool on the Hill two different outtakes from the different days but these are not just the versions from Anthology, Arena and the MMT Box etc, they are presented in raw format and in its original sequence. The same with the Walrus sequences in correct order (first with psychedelic clothes, later with Egg-heads and finally with the costumes, not mixed and scrambled, and HMC will have more outtake film from this song! What a joy!) , what pushes HMC to make a video saying “this is NOT that other outtakes release”? that is funny; the fact that MC releases something similar first and in a very good edition (plus the beautiful tri-fold packaging) doesn’t mean that HMC will not get all the attention because HMC will include new unseen stuff that many of us can’t wait to get. MC is very well edited, which I hope HMC could do the same with his DVD 2 (and not the editions you, I mean, they did with Abbey Road Video Show and Jude rehearsal, to name a few which are really bad) that will contain the following stuff but simply copied from Anthology and Arena, and others, this is the description from HMC:
    “DVD TWO: The Consolidated Outtakes
    This compilation (well over one hour) is sourced from all previously known sources of Magical Mystery Tour outtake footage. This includes everything from Anthology, Arena’s MMT Revisited, the reissue bonus features, other documentaries, and several collectors’ film sources (both 8mm and 16mm).”
    So that’s why HMC jumped in?, because his DVD 2 is similar but not so well done as MC? Glad HMC got a copy of the Japanese title before they went into factory production, that way they can still copy all DVD 1 from MC and put it on his DVD 2, like they have copied before.
    I can’t post any Beatle song (or Death Cab For Cutie) on youtube or they will be taken down but this is an experiment I did thanks to you (my first upload so please I apologize for the bad example) , the MC outtakes discs VS what you’ve stated are the same clips on DVD 1 (Outtakes) and DVD 2 (ARENA TV special), also you can check it against the MMT Box set. MC has not only the correct outtakes sequences but also more footage: (left is the MC outtakes, Right Top ARENA, Right Bottom MMT BOX set, audio was replaced to avoid copyright claim), more enjoyable than only “a compilation of what’s available”:

    Shame we can’t read actual fan reviews of the titles, no matter what label at “reviews” because there we see mostly only reviews from the owners of the European labels, funny when we can read a review of a title that it’s not even out for factory production (and won’t be out for sale for one or two months) and a “fan review” (and video trailers) is already there to push the sales up!
    I don’t know why always HMC tries to feel less important other labels and releases, HMC are releasing in my opinion, the best unseen footage in decades! Simply let other labels also do their jobs, copy their stuff if you want if that makes a title even more complete if you don’t have anything more to fill-in but don’t try to smash down a title simply because it’s not from your label, let opportunity to all.

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