McCartney regaining rights to some northern songs

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  1. Nicki says:

    I recall reading an interview with Paul a while back where he talked about 'rights revert to us' – this must have been what he meant.

    But what of the other Beatles songs he has yet to file for? Are his lawyers just getting round to it?

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  3. Anonymous says:

    The role Yoko decided to play in this situation is exactly what I can't stand about her. Do you really feel that strongly about separating The Beatles and solo era's of John's life that you would rather the rights to his and McCartney's Beatles compositions be in the hands of Michael Jackson than in McCartney and your own hands? It's mind boggling. It's almost like she did it and then made that snarky statement ("I feel better knowing they're in the hands of a friend") just to spite McCartney.

    So does this mean Paul hold the rights to John and Georges songs in addition to his own?

  4. Popper says:

    This telling of events differs from everything else I've read in that the situation between McCartney and Michael Jackson sounds very cordial and reasonable. Maybe it was – how would I know? – but my understanding from other sources is that Macca wanted the catalogue and Jackson outbid him – frustrating him and leading to a permanent fall-out between the two.

  5. wogew says:

    McCartney was not outbid, since he never did bid. He wanted to deliver a joint bid from himself and Ono, but Ono didn't want to do that.

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