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“McGear” due out 28 June.

Details about the upcoming new edition of «McGear», Paul McCartney’s brother Mike «McGear» McCartney’s 1974 album. Out 28 June, 2019 as 2CD+DVD or single LP or digital download/streaming or numbered vinyl edition including a signed postcard and stuff.

• A newly re-mastered 2 CD & 1 DVD (NTSC/region free) expanded clamshell boxed set edition of this classic album.

• Produced by Paul McCartney

• Featuring songs written by paul McCartney & featuring Wings, Paddy Moloney (The Chieftains) & Vivian Stanshall

• Featuring 21 bonus tracks including 13 previously unreleased out-takes & unreleased tracks & 4 singles

• Re-mastered from the original master tapes

• With illustrated booklet with a new essay and a poster

Disc 1: CD

McGear: Remastered

1. Sea Breezes

2. What Do We Really Know?

3. Norton

4. Leave It

5. Have You Got Problems

6. The Casket

7. Rainbow Lady

8. Simply Love You

9. Givin’ Grease A Ride

10. The Man Who Found God On The Moon

Bonus Tracks

11. Sweet Baby

12. Dance The Do

Disc 2: CD

McGear: Out-Takes & Extras

1. Sea Breezes (Without orchestra)

2. Leave It (Extended version)

3. Dance The Do (Rough 1st mix)

4. What Do We Really Know? (Monitor mix)

5. Paddy Pipes 1

6. Do Nothing All Day

7. A To Z

8. Girls On The Avenue

9. Paddy Pipes 2

10. All The Whales In The Ocean

11. Blowin’ In The Bay

12. Keep Cool (Version 1)

13. Keep Cool (Version 2)

14. I Just Want What You Got – Money!

15. Paddy Pipes 3

16. Viv Stanshall Sings

17. Let’s Turn The Radio On

18. Dance The Do Radio Ad 1

19. Dance The Do Radio Ad 2

Disc 3: DVD


1. Mike (McGear) McCartney Reminisces At The Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts

2. Mike (McGear) McCartney Interview At The Everyman Theatre, Liverpool

3. “LEAVE It” Promotional film 1974

NTSC – Region 0

Esoteric Recordings is pleased to announce the release of a newly re-mastered 180 Gram gatefold vinyl LP edition the album, “McGear” by MIKE McGEAR. Originally released in 1974, “McGear” was the second solo album by Mike McGear (McCartney) and was a more “serious” record than his work with the Liverpool satirical trio Scaffold, or his work with Roger McGough on the “McGough & McGear” album.

Recorded at Strawberry studios in Stockport, (the musical home of the band 10cc), the album was produced by PAUL McCARTNEY (who also played on the album and co-wrote most of the material with Mike) and featured LINDA McCARTNEY and members of WINGS, along with guests such as PADDY (“Pipes”) MOLONEY of The Chieftains. The album featured a selection of tremendous songs such as ‘Rainbow Lady’, ‘Simply Love You’, ‘Givin’ Grease a Ride’ and ‘The Man Who Found God on the Moon’. McGear also featured an inspired cover of the Roxy Music song ‘Sea Breezes’, the evocative ‘The Casket’ and the hit single ‘Leave It’. McGear was charming, eccentric and unique in equal measure and was one of the great unsung albums of its time. The sessions also spawned a non-album single; ‘Dance the Do’ (which featured Vivian Stanshall).

Now acclaimed, but unavailable in any form for over twenty years, this long awaited vinyl reissue of “McGear” has been prepared with the full involvement of Mike (McGear) McCartney and has been newly re-mastered from the original master tapes and has been cut at the famous Abbey Road Studios. It includes a new poster and is a fine tribute to the eccentric genius of McGEAR.

Unavailable on CD for over twenty years, a long awaited expanded three disc edition reissue of “McGear” has been compiled with the full involvement of Mike (McGear) McCartney and has been newly re-mastered from the original master tapes. It has an additional 21 bonus tracks, including 13 previously unreleased out-takes and tracks alongside singles appearing on CD for the first time. The set also includes a DVD featuring Mike (McGear) McCartney reminiscing at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, an interview with Mike at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool and the 1974 promotional film for the single ‘Leave It’. The set also includes an illustrated booklet with new essay and a poster.

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Cherry Red Records 2CD+DVD

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  1. Teddy Salad says:

    It was previously uploaded to Spotify, but not there anymore. Maybe because of the impending re-issue? Can still be head on YouTube, though.

  2. Peter Checksfield says:

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  3. Peter Checksfield says:

    A 13th September 1974 'Top Of The Pops' performance of Leave It (featuring a brief cameo by Babs Lord from Pan's People) still survives. It's a bit of a missed opportunity not including this.

  4. Tony says:

    Aww I was really hoping he might include a couple with Paul's guide vocals. I'd drealy love to have Paul singing The Man Who Found God On The Moon, and Leave It.

  5. Bill Slocum says:

    This feels like a potential great lost Wings album with a new lead singer but Paul still around to play bass and help out with back-up vocals. I really want the chance to hear it in its original form. I know Jimmy is often mentioned for his inspired guitar work on this set, but wonder if the others show up memorably, too.

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